Sunday, July 13, 2008

Market Watch July 08 - Day 6

Go Big or Go Home! I think that basically sums up the purses for the fall season! Everything is HUGE including the clutches! Which of course I love because if I can't put the kitchen sink in a handbag then I won't get it!:) We found a new handbag designer today and the purses were phenomenal!!! Here are a few pictures of some that I bought yesterday! If you like one let me know - because I only bought one of each - we can't have mulitple people in Cary with your fabulous bag now can we? Also, just to let you know , the fall handbags are similar to jewelry in that it is all about color! THE colors for handbags are Purple, Grey, Red and Navy! Here are some pics:
So I have lots more to tell you guys but since I had technical difficulties last night I couldn't write the blog until this morning and I need to get going for my LAST day of market! We have bought some many new fantastic lines I can't wait to share them with you guys! Keep checking the blog as I will let you know here when they start coming in!