Friday, April 26, 2013

Loopity Loo Belts - now at Swagger!

New Loopty Loo belts! We love these! They add a pop of personality and color to any outfit and are super unique!
We sell a variety of different belt buckles so that you can pick and choose which buckles you want.

We love all the different shapes and styles of belts Loopty Loo makes! We have black and brown leather and we also beaded! They are so great and add a huge pop of personality! MUST HAVE!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Sip & Shop Tonight!

Shop and Sip at Swagger!
Who: You!
What: A sip and shop! We supply the wine, while you shop through all of our new arrivals! 15% off your entire purchase !!! What could get any better? 
When: Thursday, April 25th! 5-7pm
Where: Swagger...Duh ;)
Why: Because you get 15% off your purchase, and you get to see all of our newest items!

See you tonight!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Share a Smile!

Share a Smile!! "These seeds of happiness started a out as leftover lumps of clay that Mark Borella made into little smiles to give out to friends who were going through hard times or just needed a smile" and so Swagger thought that these would be great for y'all to give out to all those friends that just need a smile! SO many people out there need a smile now a days and what better wait is there to put a smile on someones face than to give them one of these cuttteeee little clay smiles!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Bow Back Clothing

Everyone loves bows right? Well if you do, then you are in for a treat! These new Bow-Back shirts and dresses just came in for Swagger! Super flattering and what could get better than a shirt or dress with a bow in the back? We have tons of colors from white to mint to color!  These shirts look super cute with a big statement necklace and we sure have plenty of those! So hurry in because these shirts come and go fast!

Friday, April 19, 2013

Bubble necklaces

Bubble Necklaces Are BACKKKK! Swagger JUST got in a whole new shipment of J.Crew inspired bubble necklaces! The colors we have are endless! Hurry in and get your favorite colors!

These Bubble Necklaces are soooo popular for Spring and Summer!! They are sooo versatile and can be paired with anything! We see them all over pinterest!

 (Pinterest Inspired)