Thursday, July 17, 2008

"It's that kinda daaaaaaaaaaay"

I think every girl (whether you're a country music fan or not) should go download the tune "It's that kind of day" by Sarah Buxton. Right. This. Second. Here's an iTunes link to make it super simple to add to your iPod today!

"Stayed out about two hours too late,
And now it's hard gettin' out of this bed.
Man, my boyfriend was a pain in the butt last night,
Now he's an ache in my head.
Stubbed my toe on the dresser an'I guess,
It's too late to shower an' do my hair.

Yeah, throw a ball cap on;
Hell, half the day is gone.
And nothin' else could go wrong, whoa, oh.
Fifty bucks is all I got:
When times are tough, it's time to shop,
An' my credit card'll buy a lot, whoa, oh.
What's another bill to pay?
It's that kind of day.Hey, hey, hey, yeah!"

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