Monday, August 27, 2012

It's Our 1 Year Anniversary of the Clothing Expansion!

We can't even believe it - this year has totally flown by!  It seems like just the other day that I was signing the lease for the clothing expansion space and now it has been 1 year since we sold our first outfit!
Amy was our first customer!
Thank you to everyone who has made this last year a success!  We have loved picking out clothes for you!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Hollywood Fashion Secrets, Ooh La La!

Not only can you find that unique and fabulous outfit at Swagger but we are also your one stop shop for accessorizing those oh so pesky clothing malfunctions.  You know the ones we are talking about-the blouse gaps, falling bra straps, the necklaces that travel where they shouldn't. We have you covered!

Come in for our Hollywood Fashion tape and watch your fashion fears disappear!  No more embarrassing peek a boo moments in your fashion future.  This is the secret to the stars for looking put together on that red carpet and no revealing neckline surprises. 

Holllywood Fashion Tape

Need just a little help? Try our Accessory Dots to keep those necklaces from hiding behind your neck, scarves stay in place, the possibilities are endless!
Accessory Dots

Prevent uncomfortable pant bunch-up and keep pants tucked tightly in your favorite boots this fall!  This is adjustable for calf or ankle placement and makes wearing boots with your jeans a breeze.
Boot Straps

Ok so I know we have all been there...its time to put on that outfit you so lovingly chose for the day, you pull that shirt down and GUESS WHAT!? Deoderant marks! Now what? Change your outfit? Nope, just use the deodorant removing sponge to remove deodorant marks, pet hair and makeup powder from clothing. The foam sheet is reusable and the perfect size for travel.
Deodorant Removing Sponge
Ok I know we all hate our wayward bra straps, you know the ones that sneek off of our shoulder as the day progresses. What is a girl to do? Buy all racerback bras? Nope, Try the Bra Converting Clip from Hollywood Fashion Secrets! Love this one!

Pesky bra straps!

Now to my favorite fashion emergency offering here at Swagger! The Fashion Emergency Kit...

Call 911 it's a fashion emergency! Our purse-size fashion emergency kit is filled with all the best products for virtually any wardrobe malfunction. It includes the following:
*Hollywood Fashion Tape Strips
*Deodorant Removing Sponge
*Sewing Kit
*Lint Removing Sheets
*Adhesive Buttons
*Stain Wipe
*Earring Back
*Hair Band
*Nail File
*Blister Pad
AND even a shoe shine sponge...Hello, no fashion emergency this kit can't handle:)
Fashion Emergency Kit
And last but not least...The Jean Kit. I know, it isn't fall yet, but we are prepared for everything here at Swagger! Eliminate belt buckle bulge, prevent peek-a-booty, change the length of your pants, and get those jeans boot ready all with the Jean Kit.

This kit includes:
*Hip Hugger
*Hem Tape Strips
*Boot Straps Set
Jean Kit

Come in to Swagger today to get your Hollywood Fashion Secrets! From your fashion fairy godmother...