Monday, March 29, 2010

Easter Gift with Purchase

The Easter Bunny is coming this weekend and we thought we would help him out! We are giving away these super cute bracelet's from Two's Company as a gift with $15 purchase. Come in and collect them all. Now through Saturday April 3rd!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Monogrammed Tote and the FB Friday Giveaway Winner!

Last week we gave away one of our favorite monogrammed pendants as our FB Friday of the Week giveaway! I loved all the outfits you guys suggested to go with it! And the winner is... Lori Seger! Congrats Lori! Please email me by next Friday April 2nd to claim your prize!

We use to pick the winner so there's no funny stuff!:)

This week we are staying with the summer accessory theme, but going with a jute bag as our FB Friday of the week GIVEAWAY! I love this one - it is big enough to fit your bathing suit, sun tan lotion and a great summer book OR sophisticated enough to use as your every day purse! I love both colors - you can wear them with every thing!

All you have to do to enter is hop on over to Swagger's Facebook Page, become a fan, and comment on the post here.

Good Luck!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Chili, Hot dogs, & Bake Sale for Life Experiences

I just wanted to let you guys know about a yummy lunch time event this Friday March 26th! Please head over to Life Experiences for chili, hot dogs and a bake sale!

Life Experiences is the organization our Holiday Open House benefited this year. They are a great group of people and a very worthy cause!
In case you can't read this flyer - you can dowload it here.
So go ahead - you've got to eat - right?

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Eclipse Charity Event

We are SOOOOOOOOOO excited about our NEW Eclipse Charity Event! If you have ever been to Swagger and the subject of "Edward" has come up, then you know that we LOVE (like seriously LOVE) the Twilight Saga!

Jill with her man Edward! (Notice she even has on her Team Edward shirt!)

The other day when the Eclipse Movie Trailer came out we were all talking about it and getting super excited for the June 30th release! Heather and I were discussing how we should do some type of charity event around the release since there is such a widespread love of Edward and his Coven (or Jacob and his werewolves if you like that sort of thing - can you tell whose Team I'm on - hmmm). Anyway, one thing led to another and the next thing you know we are calling the Red Cross (vampires, blood - get it? Cheesy I know - but a great charity connection for this event!) and have a LIFE SIZE Cut out of Edward AND Jacob! Some of you have probably seen them peeking out of our backroom!

We are launching the Charity Event today because it is 100 Days till the movie release! Our goal is to raise $1000 for the Red Cross by June 30th! How are we going to do that you ask? With your help! We are taking donations for a picture with your favorite Twilight man! So are you Team Edward or Team Jacob? What to do with the picture? Make it your FB Profile Pic, frame it and put it next to your bed, hang it on your fridge, put it on the dash of your car - wherever you can look at it all the time!!!

We have created a new page on our blog for the Eclipse Charity Event! It is THE place to get the 411 on all event details and to download your new FAVORITE picture! Come in to take yours ASAP and help us raise money for the Red Cross!

So which one are you - Team Edward or Team Jacob?

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spring has SPRUNG!

YeAh! Spring is here! We heart you Spring! Thanks for coming - it's been a LOOOOONG Winter! We are so excited that we are offering a $10 Gift Certificate to ANYTHING you want at! This offer is good at our ONLINE STORE - TODAY ONLY! The coupon code is: "Spring"!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Countdown to Spring - 1 day left!

Only 1 more day till Spring is officially here! Today we are celebrating by offering specials on items that make us want to.... Accessorize! (Of course, everything makes us want to accessorize - but EsPeCiAlLy SpRiNG!:) Today's coupon code, for 20% off the item's listed below, is "Springin1" - but remember it is good for our ONLINE STORE - TODAY ONLY!

It is probably no surprise that we like to Accessorize over at Swagger:)! I mean HELLO - you can take a White T, pair of jeans, some jordi flips flops then add a cute necklace and bag and you are turning heads at the mall! Seriously - you know most women can't NOT look at a cute necklace or bag - I think it is innate!

Three things we love this season are:

1. Polka Dots - This polka dot bag is super cute and big enough to carry as a purse or your beach bag. And there are 7 color combos from preppy pink and green to a sophisticated black and tan - love it!

2. Neutrals - Bright colors are in this season, so what to do about your bag and jewelry? Go neutral! This large jute tote would be perfect with turquoise, orange, red, pink... I think you get the picture:) If you hate to change your bag but want to wear all the bright colors- this one is perfect for you! And our round shell pendant would compliment any sun dress or shorts outfit!

3. Turquoise - Turquoise is HOT this year! Are you more of a basics girl? Wear a lot of tan, white or black (like me)? Then spice up your outfit with this bold necklace or purse! You will still look trendy, but feel comfortable in your preferred clothing colors!

Now spring on over to and accessorize away!

Monogrammed Aqua Pendant Giveaway and last week's FB Winner

Last week on our FB Page we were giving away these super cute personalized kid's plates. I am glad to see you guys think they are as cute as I do! And the WINNER of last week's giveaway is: Chanda Maxwell! Congrats Chanda! Please email me before next Friday March 26th to claim your prize! See Chanda's comment below:
We use to pick the winner so there's no funny stuff!

This week I thought it was time for another JEWELRY giveaway! Turquoise is a HUGE color for the Spring/Summer 2010 season so I thought we would giveaway this super cute monogrammed marble pendant and seed bead necklace! It definitely makes a statement and people will be stopping you everywhere to see where you got it!

All you have to do to get entered is hop on over to Swagger Gift's FB Page, become a fan, and comment on this post here. You have until next Friday March 26th to comment!

Good Luck!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Countdown to Spring - 2 days left!

Only 2 more days till the first OFFICIAL day of Spring! Today we want to celebrate with offering items that make us want to BE OUTSIDE! Today's coupon code, for 20% off the items listed below, is "Springin2" - but remember it is good for our ONLINE STORE TODAY ONLY!
Don't you just love being outside? Birds singing. Wind blowing. Sun shining. Oh boy, have I been longing for Spring! Here are some items that I love and use all the time! I hope you will enjoy them too!

1. Monogrammed hat - I have short hair so when I wake up in the morning it doesn't look fabulous - we'll just leave it at that:) If you want to to go for a hike or do something active you don't always want to shower first - but with that bad hair - what's a girl to do? Cute hat - of course! And hats keep the sun out of your eyes and shade your face from some of those harmful rays! Win - win - win!

2. Azula Mat - What's an azula mat? Your bathing suit's new best friend! Seriously! Just put this awesome little neoprene pad next to the pool and VOILA - no more snagged booties! I also like to use it when I go on hikes, because you never know where you are going to sit down for lunch, and since this mat is waterproof nothing icky gets on your pants! (And it rolls up really small so you can put it in your backpack!)

3. Reusable Water Bottle - Be GREEN! I have tried really hard to be more "green" this year and the number one thing I did was started using one of these water bottles! By using one, you are helping the environment by not buying plastic water bottles, you will always know which bottle is yours at the gym, and you will look super hip and cute carrying it! We also love this water bottle which would be great for the men in your life!

4. Waterproof Mat - My husband and I wouldn't leave home without this awesome mat last spring/summer! We took it to the lake, the park, and the beach. It is waterproof, so even if it just rained that morning you can still sit on the ground for a picnic! And it folds up easily every time, so it doesn't take up much room - you can just leave it in your car! One of my favorite Swagger items for sure!

So hurry up and get yourself over to - these specials only last till midnight tonight!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Coutdown to Spring - 3 days left!

OMGosh! I am so excited that the first official day of spring is this Saturday March 20th!!! So excited because now there CAN'T be any more cold weather - right?! RIGHT!

We decided to have a little fun with the first day of spring by having a CoUnTdOwN! Are you ready? 3 days to go - and for TODAY ONLY - these items are 20% off at Swagger Gifts Online!

We love to Entertain - especially outside! Casual get togethers in the backyard are a favorite of mine! How about getting one of these super cute TRAYS (for serving cocktails perhaps), and some MELAMINE PLATES (they won't break when a party-goer drops them), or this super functional ICE BUCKET (the neoprene cover keeps the ice cold)! You will be the Hostess with the Mostess and if you can't really cook (like me), then you can distract everybody with your CUTE STUFF:)! Yes this is how my mind works:)

Coupon Code: Springin3

Clock is ticking!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Silly Bands - A HOT Trend!

We just got these Silly Bands at the store and they are flying out like crazy! A mother of a middle school kid told us they were "All the rage!" Not sure what they are doing with them, but hey - who am I to judge a middle school trend? I wore two different colored socks on EACH foot, sat around at lunch singing "Every rose has it's thorn", and my hair was so high I could hardly sit in the car back then:)

SO - we just wanted to let you know that we have the Silly Bands at Swagger! Perfect for Easter baskets, birthday parties, great job on your test, etc!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Personalized Kid's Plates and the FB Giveaway Winner

Last week we gave away our brand new Set of 4 personalized Coasters on our FB Fan Page! I'm glad some of you guys say "What's yours is mine and what's mine is mine" too -makes me feel a little less bratty:) And the winner is: #25 - Beth Hass. See her comment below! Beth you have until next Friday March 19th to email me to claim your prize!

We use to pick the winner so there's no funny stuff!

This week we are giving away another item by Lipstick Shades (I'm just so excited about all their NEW stuff) - Personalized Melamine Kid's Plates! Aren't they adorable? Cutest ones I've seen - for sure! I LOVE the big graphics! Personalized plates make a great birthday gift for the kids - I like to think that seeing their name under all the food might make them eat their veggies! Another great idea - my mom just purchased these for all her grandkids as part of their Easter gifts - there was one to fit each of their little personalities! Here are a few of the designs, but you can see more on our website here!

All you have to do to enter is hop on over to our Facebook Page, become a fan, and comment on THIS post before next Friday March 17th!

Good luck,

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Front Door Idea!

We got these fabulous oversized flowers in the other day and we were all talking about cool ideas for what to do with them. The flowers come in two sizes and a bunch of different colors.

My mom took one of the large flowers home and put it on her front door! So cute! What a FRESH new idea instead of a wreath this spring! Go Mom!

My mom is also in charge of decorating the store and hung one over the "window" inside Swagger. I think this concept could be used inside the home over an archway, in a little girls room, on an inside door -the possibilities are endless! I love how the flower adds a pop of color and a touch of spring at the same time.
What would you do with one of these flowers? I know we have some creative customers out there!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Swagger Bunny Bucks - Hop to it!

Okay - yes I know that was cheesy - but it was fun to write:)!

Swagger has a Bunny Bucks promotion going on starting TODAY! For every $10 you spend (before tax) at Swagger Gifts between March 8th - 31st you will receive $1 Bunny Buck. Bunny Bucks can be redeemed April 5th - 30th! You could possibly add your Bunny Bucks to someone's Easter basket or of course just use them for yourself (you did do all the shopping!)
No exclusions. No fine print. Just fun!

Hop on over (okay - I'll stop!)


Friday, March 5, 2010

Set of 4 Coasters Giveaway and FB Friday Winner!

Last week we gave away our Sporty Water Bottle and I am happy to announce that we are a green, water drinking, healthy bunch! I’m glad you all liked the giveaway – I will try to do more giveaways like this! This week the winner is# 58 - Judy Richardson. Congrats Judy! Please email me and I will hook you up with your prize! You have until next Friday March, 12th to contact me! Her comment is below:

We use to pick the winner so there's no funny stuff!

This week we are giving away a Set of 4 Personalized Coasters from our newest vendor Lipstick Shades! We are so excited to have this line because their designs are so cute! I love this particular coaster (I actually say this ALL the time), but we do have lots more to choose from! Coasters make a great hostess, new home, or wedding gift!
All you have to do to enter our giveaway is hop on over to Swagger’s Facebook Page, become a fan, and comment here. You have until next Friday March 12th!
Good Luck!

Mandy Brings Swagger to the Top 50 Entrepreneurs in the Triangle!

Hey Swagger Fans!

Heather here - I'm hijacking the blog today while Mandy is skiing the Swiss Alps (which we are all very jealous of!) to do a little bragging about our fearless leader. She wouldn't write this about herself, but that sure doesn't mean that I can't share the latest bit of good news with the world, right? :-)

Last Friday, I had the awesome experience of accepting an award on Mandy's behalf. And not just any award, this award named Mandy, CEO of Swagger Gifts, amongst many other top notch local business leaders - 50 of them to be exact- as one of Business Leader Media's "Top 50 Entrepreneurs in the Triangle" this year!

As CEO of Swagger Gifts, Mandy prides herself on offering a truly unique selection of merchandise here at Swagger, often forgoing popular items that can be found duplicated over and over again at mass retailers. This approach gives you all - our amazing customers - the confidence that your gift will not only be appreciated, but that it will carry with it a little "swagger"of its own!

She is actively involved on a local professional level through organizations like Chix in Business, but she has also been recognized on the national level many times because of her willingness to mentor and offer valuable advice and tools to fellow retailers and industry professionals. Under Mandy’s leadership, Swagger has seen exciting year-after-year growth not only online, but in our store here in Lochmere, as well.

Her rock star status doesn't stop there, either. Amidst all the growth and challenges of 2009, Mandy still found the time to create our new in-house program for supporting the community organizations that she has always enjoyed supporting through her business and personal involvements. The Swagger Gifts Community Giving Program
( was launched in September 2009, as a way of allowing shoppers to support their favorite charitable organizations each and every time you shop! The program gives back 5% of purchases to shoppers’ choice of affiliated groups like the Autism Society of NC, the Caring Community Foundation and the Pretty in Pink Foundation.

Business Leader Media honored Mandy and others in a ceremony on February 26 in Raleigh and she will be featured in the magazine’s March 2010 issue - so be sure to scour local newsstands and professional offices and see if you can find her feature! Business Leader has recognized the Triangle’s most prominent business leaders as the “Top 50 Entrepreneurs” since 1996.

So next time you are checking us out on facebook, be sure to send her a little note of congratulations!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Swagger Gifts loves giving away money!

Well - Swagger Bucks that is! We are happy to say that we emailed out 73 $25 Rewards Certificates this morning! So make sure to check your inbox - one could have gone to you!

How do you get Swagger Bucks you ask? Every time you make a purchase from Swagger Gifts we keep tracking of it, and when you spend $250 you receive a $25 Rewards Certificate! Seriously - that easy! We send out rewards certificates at the beginning of every month for those who earned them during the previous month. (Note: this $250 is cumulative - you could have started purchasing in 2008 and got to $250 last month and would now be receiving your Swagger Bucks!)

Just our way of saying "Thanks for shopping at Swagger!"

xoxo, Mandy

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Happy Birthday Mom!

I just couldn't go on today without wishing my Wonderful, Amazing, Talented, and just All Around Fabulous Mom a HaPpY BiRtHdAy! This is the first year in 7 years (since we opened Swagger!) that I haven't been with her on her birthday - it even makes me sad to write it:( Not that she loves her birthday (she doesn't) but I love being with the most inspiring woman in my life on the day she was born and to thank God for giving her to me (I'm not sure what I did to deserve her but I'll take it!) So - if you are at Swagger today - will you give her a hug for me? I would appreciate it!

My mom hates taking pictures (hates them), but this one (which I love) was taken this past September in the Mirabelle Gardens in Salzburg (she LOVES gardens so she agreed to taking it;)) when my parents came to visit us. This was at the start of our Sound of Music tour (which she also loves) so I thought it was the perfect birthday photo:)!

love you guys, Mandy

Monday, March 1, 2010

Answering the Trollbeads Customer Survey could win you a $300 Bracelet!

Hey all you Trollfanatics - I just found out that you can win a $300 Trollbead Bracelet from by answering a short survey! Very exciting! All you have to do enter is log onto the Consumer Log-in section of their website and answer the survey. I just did it and it took about 5 minutes - I hope I win!:-) Well, of course I hope you win too!
Good Luck!
xoxo, Mandy