Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Swagger Joins Facebook!

Taking a cue from its collegiate staffers and after talking shop with some of the retail addicts at Accessorize with Pi Phi (a philanthropy shopping event hosted on the campus of NC State, where Swagger gets to mix shopping with the ever important task of raising money to promote literacy among all individuals), Swagger has joined the popular social network, facebook!

Not only is the site a popular destination for keeping up with friends who have relocated far and near (and even those you see on a daily basis), but it also provides so much more: photos, events invites, music, and more! If you're not on facebook.... ummm... where have you been hiding? I know, I tried to resist, too - but after the 589042 time my best friend said "I tagged you in our pictures from (insert wedding of the week here)... oh wait, I can't, you're not on facebook" - I finally did it. And I'm totally addicted!

For Swagger, it's a SERIOUSLY cool way to let shopping junkies like me know about new products, special sales, upcoming shopping events, and more right where I'm already spending a good chunk of my online time (for me: it's procrastination at its finest!).
Want to be in the know, too? Check out Swagger's page on facebook and click "become a fan" to make sure you're going to be first to know of all the cool new additions that will be coming along soon. And be sure to chat it up! The discussion board for all Swagger fans is a great place to "talk shop" with other Swagger fans - I like to think of it as eRetail therapy!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Let's Get Ready for a Backyard Party!

I was going to title this blog entry "Let's Get Ready for a Backyard Barbeque"... but then I thought about how confusing this word can get around these parts of the country!
As any good Carolina girl knows, BBQ generally means pulled pork and in true eastern-NC style... that comes with a vinegar-based recipe (not to be confused with its equally delish counterpart from the west - which is tomato-based). And to add to the confusion, when you hear someone in NC refer to BBQ - is it a noun or a verb?
Either way you look at it, whether you're enjoying some "BBQ" off the cooker with friends, or grillin' up some hot dogs, burgers, sausages, and chicken at a "barbeque", everyone around these parts sure knows how to enjoy a get-together where food is involved come May, June, and July.
Since everyone at Swagger is so excited about the upcoming Memorial Day weekend, they are jump-starting the holiday by offering 15% off all fun summer ceramics (serving dishes and so on!) in today's blog-only Manic Monday special!
Print this blog and bring it to the store with you - until 6pm today - and stock-up on your favorite ceramic dishes and let's get festive!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Everything Old Is New Again!

I can spot a DIY restoration project a mile away. (I like to think of it as my little way of saving something from the landfill that I can actually find some function and beauty in!)
My favorite vintage find lately are the "Knob-Stoppers" vintage wine stoppers that have recently been added to the Swagger collection! The coolest thing about these Knob-Stoppers is that each piece is unique so you can keep collecting as many as you'd like and each piece given as a gift (for the hostess-with-the-mostess hosting this weekend's dinner party!) is sure to never be duplicated!
And for those of us who have the great motivation to start DIY projects, but never seem to have the time to finish, this vintage find comes ready to go!
Haven't purchased your first Knob-Stopper? Today's Thirsty Third Thursday blog special gives you a great excuse to stop in Swagger and pick up your first (or third!) vintage wine stopper at 15% off!
Feel free to share this blog with anyone who needs a little retail therapy this week and invite them to share a few glasses of wine to put the stopper to good use tonight for some *extra* therapy!
*Please print this blog and bring it in to Swagger with you - today only - from 10am until 6pm!*

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Every Now and Again, A Girl's Just Gotta Brag!

Of course, it's wayyyy cooler when you get to do it about one of your friends rather than yourself!
I have always gone to Swagger's owner, Mandy Becker, for gift-giving advice. From the traditional to the trendy, her gift-giving taste is impeccable and it's a "gift" she uses to help others just like me select personal and appreciated gifts for friends, family, co-workers, professional acquaintances, neighbors, and more.
Apparently, Swagger's most-frequest customers aren't the only ones who have noticed: Mandy was honored in this month's Realtor® Review! The editorial team behind REALTOR® Review tapped Mandy as an industry expert in the feature article Thank You Gifts – When Words Are Not Enough.
For Becker, tying her two professional backgrounds together, gives her a unique opportunity to show her clients just how much they mean to her as a real estate broker, and she shares her knack for selecting unique and functional gifts with the entire REALTOR® community in the article. “The key with items like this is to provide something unique and useful,” Becker noted when being interviewed for the article.
“The most successful gift of this type will be something the recipient uses again and again and hopefully, thinks of us when they do.” As a fellow entrepreneur, Mandy is aware of the value of time and limitations that business owners face when investing in client gifts. She noted in the interview that “many agents select a particular gift to be sent to all of their clients… but what can make each one unique is personalization or engraving”.
A Monthly Publication of the Raleigh Regional Association of REALTORS®, Realtor® Review keeps local REALTORS® informed of not only pressing industry challenges and opportunities, but provides insight into how agents can continually develop the ever-important relationships between an agent and their client.
The full article featuring Mandy Becker and Swagger Gifts can be found online at: http://www.trianglemls.com//rrar-mayrr08-thank_you-gifts.htm.
To read about the personalized gifts that Mandy recommends to other REALTORS®, her coveted-selections are detailed here on SwaggerGifts.com at: http://www.swaggergifts.com/realtorgifts!
Want to check out the official press release online? Please feel free to read the scoop on PRLog.org or PR-Inside.com!