Friday, January 29, 2010

It's baaaaaaaaaaack....the Facebook Friday Giveaway resumes!

So did you guys think I fell off the side of the Swiss Alps or something? Just the opposite actually! I came back to Cary, NC to work at the store for Christmas and all @#$@#^#$ broke loose! Good @#$^# though!:) Swagger had it's best Christmas EVER (thanks to all of you who shopped online or at the store), BUT because of that I could barely breathe let alone get on Facebook! I know - excuses, excuses - right?! So please, without further ado, I bring back the FACEBOOK FRIDAY GIVEAWAY!

I'm feeling the love (with Valentine's Day just around the corner and all) so I thought I would give you guys CHOCOLATE! A Hammered Chocolate Copper Monogrammed Pendant on a red necklace - of course;) This beautiful pendant and necklace combo would be a great Valentine's Gift for your mother, daughter, BFF, or you! You can enter to win this pendant/necklace combo by going to our Facebook Page, becoming a Fan, and then commenting on the photo here! You have until next Friday, February 5th, 2010 to enter!

Call the store to order if you would like (sorry not on the web yet) 919-858-5884 or 877-SWAGGER (792-4437). Pendant P373 ($29) shown on a 4-strand NN394 coral 20" seed bead necklace ($14).

Also, I TOTALLY forgot to pick the winner of the Large Cosmetic Bag from the December 11th FB Giveaway! Seriously slack! So the winner is # 5 - Shannon Anas! Congrats Shannon! Pick out your bag color, monogram, and monogram color here then email me! You have until next Friday February 5th to claim your prize!
We use to pick the winner so there's no funny stuff!:)
Good Luck!
xoxo, Mandy

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Spring is in the air...Spring 2010 Trollbeads that is!

O.M.G. - I'm so excited about the NEW Spring Trollbeads!!!!! But seriously - I just started a 3rd bracelet - am I going to have to go for a 4th? Uh yep - I think so:)! It sounds like they have so many new Black & White beads that I am finally going to have to start the Black & White bracelet I have been dreaming about! Maybe I'll do Black, White & Turquoise?! I have seen the new Amazonite bead in person and it is so beautiful! That mixed with Turquoise Ribbon and Turquoise Spring Bud - I can see it now! Come on February 1st (that is when the beads will be released)! We will let you know when we get them in...and it better be February 2nd:)!
So here is what Trollbeads "officially" sent us about the collection:

The Trollbeads Spring Collection 2010 celebrates
this happy time with all the classic springtime themes - sunlight filled
gardens, rebirth, renewal and romance. Enjoy the soft pastel nuances of
Amazonite and Jade stone beads as well as pink, green and blue glass studded
with Swarovski crystals and a new Swan clasp.

We are pleased to introduce leather bracelets in both black and spring colors and a new type of bead: the Tassel. The Tassels are available in in black faceted Spinel stone and fresh water pearls. Six new black and white beads round out the Spring 2010 Collection.
Can't wait! I know I will see all you Trollbead Addicts soon!:)

Sunday, January 10, 2010

January 2010 Market - Day 5

Last day of market and we are so excited about our findings! We all split up to look for different stuff so we could cover more ground. My mom was in charge of garden stuff, Heather was in charge of purses, headbands and more jewelry, and I was tasked with finding more personalized gifts!

We were all excited about what we found, but since I (Mandy) write the blog - I have to talk about what I found:) And I am SOOO excited about the personalized gifts! We are going to be able to print notecards, calling cards, notepads, bag tags, and COFFEE MUGS in less than ten minutes with your name or initials! No need to worry about us not having the initials you need! Can you imagine - waiting to the last minute, driving to Swagger 30 minutes before you are supposed to be at a party, and still being able to get a personalized gift?! So cool! Yeah for us procrastinators! We will be getting this program in March - can't wait!

I am now headed down to Albany to see my little sister, and I will be back in the store next Monday January 18th with all the goodies we purchased! I then leave to go back to Switzerland on Thursday January 21st - time has flown and I can't believe I have been in town since December 1st!
See you all soon!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

January 2010 Market - Day 4

Okay - so I'm not going to lie - I am very tired right now, so this post is going to be very short! AND we were so busy buying stuff today that I totally forgot to take pictures of everything - sorry! We bought some cute fashion watches today - something that we haven't had before but I am super psyched about! We also got purses, scarves, more jewelry and the new Lolita wines glasses!

The one thing that has been MAJORLY requested day after day, week after week has been market totes - and we are finally going to deliver! We have pink, black, polka dots, cute bright flowers, cheetah, and (of course) zebra coming in! We will post them here as they arrive!
We love these new market totes - especially with a monogram!
Alright - so that is all I have - sorry guys - I said it was going to be short:)! More tomorrow - I promise!

January 2010 Market - Day 3

Okay - so today started out a little shaky. We were buying jewelry and someone asked Heather about the necklace her "mom" was talking about. "Her Mom" was ME, Mandy! Are you kidding me? I know I have a birthday in a couple of days, but geez - do I really look like I could be Heather's MOM?! So of course I have been obsessing about that ALL DAY, but in between THAT we have been buying stuff:)

And when I say we were buying jewelry - I mean we have been BUYING jewerly! Holy moly! We almost broke our backs trying to carry this stuff to the car! I wanted to give you guys a list of "What's HOT" for spring/summer 2010!

1. "Bib" Necklaces
2. Flowers
3. Pearls
4. Grey and Aqua are HUGE, but all bright colors including fuschia, purple, and orange are popular too!
5. BIG Rings (yeah!!! I still love them!)
6. Layering Necklaces
7. Did I mention Pearls?! Pearls, pearls, and more pearls!
8. Statement pieces
9. Mixing metals (thank goodness - I do this anyway!)
10. And finally Rhinestones are hanging around for another year!

We couldn't walk 10 feet without someone complimenting Heather on this "bib" necklace! It looks so good on AND it is ridiculously light - no neck aches from this necklace!

After that we got more Christmas stuff! I just love this Naughty/Nice monogrammed santa hat! Obviously we know how Jill was feeling today!:) And don't worry - I expect you guys will fall in love with this hat just like we did, so we got a bunch!:)
I can NOT stop laughing at this photo - I LOVE it!:)

Don't you just love these flowers? Our rep suggestions putting the big one on your front door instead of a wreath this spring! We LOVED the idea! So cute and they are coming to the store in March!
Okay - going to is 12:15 and I am tired!
Love ya, Momma Mandy:)

Thursday, January 7, 2010

January 2010 Market - Day 2

It is snowing in Atlanta, but we have SpRiNg FeVeR!!! Very long day to say the least, but I still wanted to show you all the cute spring stuff we got! Maybe if I stare at these pictures long enough I will feel like I'm on the beach!:)

Cute bath wraps/beach covers and market totes!! You asked for it and we (finally) got them!! Great patterns! Don't you just love the way Heather is modeling them? Vanna White you better watch out!:)

Caftans/Beach Coverups in super flattering cuts and great patterns! Come on 85 degree weather!

Switchflops just came out with these NEW Havaianas inspired flip flops! We love them! The jeweled thing snaps off and there are lots of different options to change them out with! 6 flip flop colors and a bijillion jeweled snaps to choose from! Available in February for you lucky few who will be going to the "islands"!

I am now finally (!) going to bed - it is midnight! Geez - what I won't do for you guys:) Tomorrow we buy jewelry and Christmas stuff!!! I love the January market!

Ta-ta - Mandy

After Christmas Sale at Swagger Gifts

You know January is the best time of the year to buy all of your Christmas favorites for the next holiday season, right? Check out this month's special and stock up today for next Christmas... it's only 11 months away! ;-)

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

January 2010 Market - Day 1

Hey Everybody! Long time no talk!:) So sorry guys - Christmas at Swagger was CrAzY!!!
But I'm back and have headed down to Atlanta for market, so of course I wanted to share it with you!
So my mom and I started shopping today and we had so much fun! I am so excited about what we are getting in! I wish I could get everything to ship right NOW! Anybody have $100K they will let me borrow????? Anyone? No? Alright - then I guess the stuff will have to come in monthly:)!

So we started off the day buying Halloween stuff. Yep - I said Halloween. The stuff was so scary - well more cute - but I loved it:) Only 9 more months till you guys get to see it all:) Here's a preview though:
Next we purchased the most awesome sun hats! They are UPN 50 AND you can fold it up into a ball and then it POPS back to it's original form! Great for traveling! We got lots of cute colors to match all of your bath suits!

So what is up with Headbands? They are obviously a HUGE trend right now! We have already gotten a few and I can't wait to start wearing them! These gerber daisy headbands were meant for little girls, but doesn't it look so cute on me?:)

Finally we ended the day with a new baby line that I am super excited about! For all you moms - have you ever heard about eebee's adventures? They have won several Parent's Choice awards for their products! I love eebee and the DVDs, books, and plush are amazing - we can't wait to share eebee with you! And yes I know I don't look fabulous in this photo, but I have on a hat for a 6 month old - okay?! Don't judge me:)

Tomorrow Heather joins us, so make sure to come back for more adventures and sneak peaks and this season's gifts!