Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Swagger Gifts to Donate 10% of Internet Sales to Toys for Tots

Cary, NC December 1, 2007 – Swagger Gifts will donate 10% of their Internet sales during the month of December to the Toys for Tots Foundation. As a way to help others in need this holiday season, Mandy Kratus Becker, owner, made the decision to donate 10% of their Internet Sales to the Raleigh area Toys for Tots. “I feel so blessed that Swagger just celebrated its Fifth Anniversary. With the launch of our new website I really wanted to find a way to continue to give back to the community. What better group to sponsor during the Holidays than Toys for Tots – especially from the local gift shop?!” says Mandy.
Toys for Tots began in Los Angeles in 1947 when Major Bill Hendricks, USMCR, and a group of Marine Reservists collected and handed out over 5,000 toys to needy children in the area. The plan was so successful, that the following year, the Marine Corps adopted the cause, turning it into a nationwide campaign. From that point forward, every community in which a Marine Reserve Center was located, a Toys for Tots campaign was started. Since its inception, The US Marine Corps Reserve Toys for Tots Program has distributed more than 332 million toys to more than 150 million children who are in need.
Does holiday shopping send your stress level through the roof? If spending too much hard earned money, wandering aimlessly through crowded malls, not checking loved ones off of your list fast enough, and worrying that you’re not picking up the perfect gift are part of your annual ritual of holiday shopping then visiting will end your holiday shopping woes. With “Cyber Monday” consumers are moving more and more to online shopping. At Swagger Gifts, Mandy and her staff are experts in selecting the perfect gift – every time, for every occasion. Swagger’s online store offers gift giving guides and product availability to ease the purchasing experience. Instead of buying the same old ho-hum gift, try personalizing. By selecting a personalized gift you show the recipient that extra time and attention was taken to select the perfect gift for him/her.
“Swagger Gifts, an upscale boutique with an eclectic flair, specializes in personalized gifts for everyone on your list – including yourself – has been in business for five years and has been voted the “Best Gift Shop” by Cary Magazine readers. Having recently re-launched their web site, everything offered in their store, as well as great gift giving advice can be found online at and 10% of their online sales will be donated to the Raleigh Toys for Tots.
For questions, please contact Mandy Kratus Becker at Swagger Gifts, 919-858-5884 or toll free at 877-792-4437.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Personalization ... What to get for the friend that has it all!

We all have “that friend” … You know, the one that has everything, is always stepping out in the latest style and always manages to look great even though she has three kids under five at home. Oh, and did we mention that her house is always clean, dinner is on the table at 6 sharp (gourmet no less), and is paired against domestic guru Martha Stewart in a showdown, Martha would want to return to jail.
What on earth do you get that person for Christmas or other special occasions? How can you let her know how much you value your carefully crafted friendship and are forever grateful for the around the house tips that have gotten you out of many binds?
Here are some nifty little gift ideas to get “that friend” who is always there and ready to lend a helping hand, and the most “together” person you know.
1. Try one of our personalized cutting boards – especially if they are constantly in the kitchen whipping up one amazing concoction after another. Having taken the time to remember how much they enjoy being in the kitchen, this practical gift will ensure many more fantastic meals, desserts and “I just threw this together” dishes, she has become so famous for.
2. Another great gift for the friend that has everything (and then some) is our personalized umbrella. This cute little umbrella will ensure everyone knows she’s coming and will add a little sunshine to her day in the process.
3. We all know that staying in shape isn’t the easiest thing to do – even for “that friend” so why not get her a personalized bath wrap for her to use at the gym, or for use at the beach/pool during the warm summer months. This ever-useful wrap will come in handy for years to come.
4. Some of our personalized glass sets will be a great hit for the girlfriend that is the “best hostess you know.” She is always prepared with great dishes, wonderful cocktails, and stimulating conversation. These glasses can be used for everything from casual get-togethers to more formal dinner parties.
5. Of course, one of our personalized travel coffee mugs is a given when it comes to finding something for the friend that has everything. Ours has a choice of bright colored backgrounds with their monogram to boot. They are very eye-catching and forever useful.

It really is a challenge to find gifts for a friend that pretty much has it all. If you are really at a loss and none of these gifts really fit that friend, or family member, one of our gift certificates will insure that they will find something on their own that they didn’t have already.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Personalization... Who needs it?

1. People with bad memories. This works in two different ways. For instance, our personalized umbrella will help the person with a bad memory find their umbrella (and remember their name in the process). Also, if you have a bad memory, going to a get together where items are personalized with the host or hostesses monogram, you will never forget their name.
2. People who entertain. If you or people you know like to entertain, you know that dishes somehow manage to “go missing” or, if you are one that takes dishes to friends in need, it is easy to forget who has what. If you take the time to personalize these things with a special label, monogram, or stamp, the dish in question will always make it’s way home – even if you’ve forgotten that your dish ran away with the spoon
3. New couples – The novelty of starting life together, new apartment/home, wedding, honeymoon, and everything that goes with it. A personalized gift for the happy couple helps reinforce the bond that has been forged and since it has the permanence of personalization attached to it, they may be less likely to get a divorce or separate when the going gets a little tough.
4. Bosses/coworkers – Tired of items walking away from your desk, or your boss constantly asking you for a pen because theirs happened to walk off somewhere (who knew that pens had legs?) Getting personalized items for the office is a sure-fire way to make sure you and your co-workers are always prepared.
5. College Students – I’m sure you remember the days of living in the dorms, lending out items and not knowing what happened to them. Or, coming home from school, half the items you brought home didn’t belong to you. Personalizing clothes and other items is a great form of insurance that the college student you know will always get their stuff back – possibly even before they graduate!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Holiday Open House

Both of our Holiday Open Houses were so much fun! Thank you for everyone who came out to both!
We had a PREVIEW NIGHT on Thursday November 1st that benefitted the Horse and Buddy Foundation where we raised several hundred dollars for the local charity! This was our first year doing a PREVIEW NIGHT, but it won't be the last!
Sunday, November 4th 2007, was our 5th Annual Holiday Open House! It was our best and most exciting one to date! We gave away over $2000 in door prizes and gifts bags for the first 50 customers. We truly appreciate all of our loyal customers who came by and did their Christmas Shopping! This is my favorite event all year - I love the excitement of the season and this party always kicks it off for Swagger!