Monday, July 21, 2008

Double Deal for the Dog Days of Summer

According to my local weather station... it would appear that we are smack in the middle of the dog days of summer as we're heading toward a streak of high-temps this week. STELLAR. Don't get me wrong, I'll take the summer sunshine over rain in the winter ANY DAY, but I've been TRYING to go green by running my A/C as little as possible - I mean hello.... a girl just can't look good if she's covered in sweat.
Anyhoo... how about a DOUBLE blog special for today to revive everyone's spirits?!
1. For those of you who read Mandy's blog updates from Market last week... you won't be surprised to hear that she shopped her little heart out - and now it's time for you to shop! She went a little crazy for handbags (don't we all!), so for today only - until 6pm - you can save 15% in the store on the fresh from market handbags. Click on the picture below to see her blog post on a few of the great purses she picked out! Just tell the gang at Swagger you read it in the blog to take advantage of this special!
2. For those of you who can't make it by the store because you're actually sticking with that summer fitness resolution to hit the gym at least three days a week... NO WORRIES. Mandy has become a Lifetime Fitness addict since joining, too and hides her morning hair under one of her many monogrammed ballcaps . Since we all know it is impossible to have great looking hair at the gym, she's sharing her stylish disguise with blog readers for 15% off monogrammed ballcaps when ordered online! Use "gymhair15" as the online code for saving 15%!
PS - How's this for double duty?! Since this fall's handbags are going bigger and badder... guess what you can now use for you gym essentials that's wayyyyy cuter than a worn old gymbag