Monday, January 7, 2008

Notes From Gina… Giving the Right Party Gift

Ahhh… it's a New Year, and time for…. yes! Those oh so fun invites to your co-worker's third baby shower… your sister's second wedding… maybe a bachelor party or two? (Ok, so that last one sounds like fun!)
If you are anything like my friends, you are a). Summoning the will to show up, and b). Secretly wanting your gift to be the most talked about (in a good way of course), and c). Not wanting to break the bank achieving the first two.
As luck would have it, here is a way to achieve all of the above with grace and style.First off, I am a tremendous fan of the bubble bath with wine (any time of day seriously works for the diehard devotee, of which I am one). Lucky for me, Swagger carries my favorite – the Lollia Wish bubble bath , and with one of their stemless wine glasses to hold my cabernet, I know that afterwards, I might be nice enough to attend one of these shindigs and even play the games. Did I mention that even the Lollia bottle is quite lovely? The bees are a nice touch. And for my glasses…I went with the single initial, just because.
And on to the gift giving... After enjoying a glass of wine of course!
For your co-worker who already has every baby gift imaginable… (and some that at best you find yourself thinking- that does what??!)…. I absolutely LOVED the personalized oval pacifier clip in sterling silver. I do not think this could possibly be upstaged by any other trendy baby gifts, period.
For your sister's second wedding? Perhaps anything with her NEW initials on it? Let me recommend the martini set , along with some of those cute little pink soaps . And not to have him feeling left out, the personalized black and silver cufflinks would look great with any tux.
On the flip side…if you happen to be the one getting married or having the baby, you might want to do something nice for the person who organized these parties in your honor. The personalized umbrella makes a rainy day a little more cheerful, and for your friend who loves to cook? The monogrammed cutting board is sure to be a hit!
Now, after your second glass of cabernet, when you are beginning to feel more generous…For your best friend, who is also your sister, who is also on her second marriage, the engraved charm bracelet is really very sweet.
For that co-worker who you really wish wasn't leaving you behind to deal with your tyrannical boss alone, a Lollia candle would be a thoughtful good luck gift.
And for your best friend's brother (that has always been like a brother to you), who just bought his first house? I would be willing to bet your present of the personalized tailgate beer mugs will be well received (I would advise you to include the six pack to go along with that as well!).
Now that you've had a little wine, and are ready to attend your second baby shower this month, I'd splurge on one more little thing for me- that avocado necklace with the large diamond shell pendant . So pretty! And now you are perhaps a little tipsy, but ready to grab a cab and let the "parties" and gift giving begin!