Friday, January 18, 2008

Gina Meets the Parents

My nerves are shot. My friend turned sort of boyfriend has asked me to accompany him on his trip home next weekend. For the whole weekend. Out of state? Ack! I've never met his parents, even though I've known him for years now. But, I've heard the stories… I've seen pictures, and I think I'm in for it. His mother in one word or less? Perfect. Perfect hair, perfect clothes, perfect everything. Needless to say, I do NOT fit into that perfect category. Did I mention that ex-girlfriend is Perfect Version 2.0??
So…what is a less than perfect girl to do?
I called my best friend. I called my sister. Both of them said the same thing -- bring a nice gift and be on my best behavior. The behavior part is easy… but where in the world do I even begin to look for the perfect present?
And then it hit me. Of course, Swagger.
So began my quest for perfection.
I remembered my friend turned sort of boyfriend mentioning how much his mom loves to read, and that she hosts a book club at her home every six weeks or so. Complete with hors d'oeurves, drinks, and everything is matched to the theme of the story of course. (of course, of course…). So, I thought perhaps a personalized self-inking stamp ? How classy would that be? She could use that as a specialized signature on her invites - and I was willing to bet she didn't already own one.
I also remembered what a fan he has said she is of gourmet cheeses, and how often he has been subjected to trying them out before her little get togethers….and then he admitted that most of them were actually pretty tasty! So, maybe one of the personalized cutting boards too- I thought that would be a stylish way to cut and serve!
But what about his dad? I am thinking something needs to be given to him too. Why do guys have to be so hard to buy for??????
Well, what do I know about him? He is a golfing fanatic. He's terrible at it, but loves to go. (My guess is that it's an excuse to get out of the house when the book group is there). As he is also somewhat perfect, I didn't want to guess on what golfing brands he preferred. This was going to be harder than I thought! Oh, what's this? An engravable divot too l? Kind of different….says I'm thinking you'd like something your buddies don't already have. Perfect!!!
So maybe I'm ready to go. Maybe not. Maybe I need something for me. Maybe I need one of those personalized jute totes just to look like I'm aiming for perfection? Yes definitely! So, don't tell my friend that might be a sort of boyfriend that I'm trying to impress. Ready to go now! Wish me luck!!