Friday, January 11, 2008

Notes From Gina... My New Bar

mentioned in a previous post about telling you all the story of how I got my bar... Now I can have "Happy Hour" any hour I want!
I just moved into my new place a few months ago (hence my absence from posting). I packed up everything I'd had for years, and after sorting through and throwing out what I no longer wanted, figured I was ready for this major ordeal.
So, I moved. I unpacked. I settled in. And I felt like something was missing, but was unsure of what that elusive something was. Maybe if someone… anyone… Bueller… had shared with me that it is nice for things to somewhat match, I wouldn’t be struggling so much with this.
So here it is a few months later… and my mom calls to see if I want an old buffet that had been my grandmothers. My first thought was to Google “buffet” because my first thought when she mentioned this was one of those all you can eat experiences I so enjoy… My head soon cleared and I said sure since she sounded like she really wanted me to take it.
It turns out that thought the buffet was not of the all you can eat kind, it was just what I needed. A long table with some doors and drawers in it- which as my leap of logic would take me - would make the perfect bar! So that's what had been missing!
I was (probably for the first time ever) excited about this buffet being dropped off at my house. After a coat or two of black paint , a United Nations collection of liquor bottles, and many bottles of wine later… something was still missing. I actually happened to figure it out on my own quite quickly when I went to open a bottle of wine for my mom and she looked at me quite oddly as I served it in an old cartoon caricature glass from a fast food restaurant we frequented when I was little (hey, it's retro, right?).
So, needless to say, I promised proper glassware for their next visit. I started my search for what I needed to make this new bar rock. So, of course I headed to Swagger to get Mandy and her crew to help me get my new bar up to par.
I knew a few of the things I wanted, and then decided to have a little fun with them. I'd just graduated from grad school a few months back, and memories of the great times tailgating at ball games made me want to graduate from Solo Cups to some real beer mugs. So, I ordered a set of tailgate beer mugs with my monogram (so they will always find their way home). And for my mother (and me too of course), I bought a set of the personalized all purpose crystal wine glasses . I just had one letter on those - nice and bold… too the point.
There was a thought nagging me at the back of my brain about there being different types of wine glasses for different types of wine. What the heck…this buffet/bar could definitely hold it, and with only eight glasses so far, was looking a bit barren. I found a set of stemless wine glasses (all the rage from what the girls tell me, so I ordered TWO!)… and balloon wine glasses , those sounded pretty good. Since I'm not much of a wine drinker, I figured I was done with those. But what about my friend “Tom Collins” who only likes “tea” from “Long Island?” I needed something that I could initial with my college nickname (trust me, you don't want to know… needless to say, if you come over and I mix you a drink, the initials say it all…) - the Capri ice bucket set looked pretty good…and I ordered some extra glasses to go along with it. My best girlfriend is a die hard martini drinker, so in her honor I ordered a set of those, along with the Glory Tulip glasses - with the understanding that even though I ordered them for her they are to live on the bar. She pointed out to me (why it took this long is beyond me), that maybe it would be nice to have some regular glasses too…so I ordered the retro set too.