Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Notes From Gina... The Twelve Months of Giving -- To Myself!

Notes From Gina…
On the first day of January my true love gave to me… Nothing. Not a thing. Nada. Zilch. Could be because he as of yet has not materialized in my life? What's a girl to do? And then it hit me. No one knows me better than, me! Every time I have to find a birthday present, or a wedding gift, or so help me, another baby present – keep in mind people, I'm the SINGLE one in the bunch – that I secretly long for some of these gifts to find their way under the seat of my car instead of into the hands of the non deserving party (did I say that?). Which lead me to think… Why not? Why not treat myself as well as these other people in my life? Because unless my mail order husband/child/promotion gets delivered sometime soon, I'm going to have to start a movement for "singles day" and hope for lovely presents to find their way to MY deserving hands!
Stay with me for a moment and let me map this out.
It's January. It's a fresh start. So why not start this year out with a new tradition of giving – to myself! I think I'll start with the personalized canvas handbag . Who doesn't love ribbons?? It's cute, it's a little different…hey, just like me!
Onto February, That month when I get to have the knife twisted just a little deeper by my oh so well meaning friends as they try to set me up with "that guy" from their work (the one who makes our friend Norm from Psycho look downright hot!)- I think I know just what would make me feel better. A personalized heart toggle necklace would look great with what I plan to wear out to the singles get togethers this year….
March. Hmmm, it's Spring, time to start thinking about- gasp- the beach, the pool, and sundresses that are lurking just around the corner. I'm thinking one of those monogrammed cutting boards would be just great for me to use to start cutting the new diet of fruit and vegetables I will be eating so I can fit into my bathing suit….and maybe I'll put my ex's initials on this one just to have fun cutting up foods he hated on it! Fun stuff people!
April and it is still spring. The Cuchina fragrant kitchen sprays … After all, since it is allergy season and I'm NOT about to keep those windows open after I burned my Pop Tarts (yes, I am that girl who can’t cook and burns even Pop Tarts).
May and it's getting hot – Finally! Those personalized Glory Tulip Glasses would be pretty for my sister’s famous brie and wine parties, but think someone should give me a few more to add to my buffet/bar at home.
June… What can I get myself for June? I know! I'll take care of June and July all together (hey, who doesn't like to get a surprise a little early?) I'll take a personalized large canvas tote bag and bright beach towel in PINK.
August is here already? I think the personalized circle earrings would be a nice send off to summer, even though it will probably still be 90 degrees on Thanksgiving…
September – time for football! I have my jersey, my tote bag, and now I'll have a personalized tailgate set to come along with me! I love the fall. Yeah, I already have a set for my bar (be sure to read about the birth of the bar, coming soon), but could really use a set for travel.
October and I’m ready for a little trick or treat. Ok, treats for me! I see some monogrammed candles arriving in my goodie bag! And no calories either!
November – and it’s time to give thanks for making it through another year! Think I'll be thankful for the lovely Lollia perfume that will be finding it's way to me shortly.
And here we are at the end of the year already! Christmas… I’m thinking it will be a meet up with my three best friends at Starbucks where we will unveil our super-cool monogrammed travel coffee mugs that will make us the envy of everyone there.
In retrospect, this year of gift giving to me was a fantastic idea! And I'm absolutely certain that these gifts are exactly what was wanted.
Happy New Year everyone!