Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Making Personalization... Personal

Getting Personal doesn’t have to be all “serious.” All of us have a friend or loved one that fits in one of these categories, and giving them a personal gift that relates to one of their personality traits is a great way to show how well you really do know them.

Person who burns water: Your single best friend is still single because she can’t cook – at all. She burns pop tarts, coffee and anything else that comes into contact with heat, and she probably knows more about how her microwave works than the manufacturer. Since you know that the smell of burnt food will scare away any potential romance, get her some of our Cucina Fragrant Kitchen Spray. She may scoff a little at first that you are making fun of her, but she’ll get over it.

Person with “stale” smelling house: If you have a friend or family member that is on the road a lot, then more than likely their house will get that stale smell that houses get when closed up on a regular basis. To battle the smell and make the traveler feel back at home in seconds flat, give them one of our Lollia Candles.

The metro girl: The best way to describe her is that she knows all the designers latest lines (and owns most of them), is always put together (even at 7 a.m.), has fun little get togethers with her girlfriends and always knows the best restaurants around. A monogrammed martini set would be the perfect gift for her.

The “craftonista” : She can make a handmade bow like Martha Stewart, can bedazzle anything set before her and can make a cute little notes with two pieces of duct tape and a magic marker (we know, don’t ask) one of our customized embossers is the weapon she needs to make her craft arsenal complete.

The bookworm: She can repeat the titles of all the Janet Evanovich novels in her sleep, can quote Shakespeare on a whim and can tell you at any given moment who is on the National Best Seller list (both fiction and non-fiction). A personalized tote will help her keep up with all of her library books and latest “must reads” so they’ll be on hand when she’s on the go.

Mr. Money Bags: So, the man (or men…) in your life seem to have a hard time holding on to their money. Every time they dig into the pocket to pull some out, you would think they were 10 years old with the amount of trash that is mixed in with the money. If you want to help him achieve a little more mature “look” get him one of our monogrammed money clips. When the money is all in one place, it will be easier for you to find.

Coffee talk: You may or may not remember the Saturday Night Live skits with the “Coffee Talk” (pronounced Cawfee Tawk). If you and your closest girlfriend like to chit-chat over a “cuppa” a one of our personalized travel mugs (for both of you!) is a great way to celebrate all the “cawfee tawks” of the past, present and future.

Water makes me melt!: This prim Dona can not stand to get wet in the rain. It would ruin her salon fresh highlights, put spots on her designer handbag and let’s not even discuss the Manolo’s she was crazy enough to wear on a rainy day in the first place. And though her outstanding fashion sense can be noted from miles away, nothing says “Water makes me melt” like on of our Personalized umbrella.

The Chef: The antithesis of “The Person Who Burns Water,” The Chef is literally “God’s Gift to the domestic Kitchen.” They know all the ingredient substitutions to get them through in a pinch and can literally throw a pinch of this and a tad of that together into a gourmet meal for 10 without breaking a sweat. One of our personalized cutting boards is a great way to let your culinary companion know how much you appreciate their continental cuisine!