Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Notes from Gina... The Big Date

My oh my, have I got some news for you. My best guy friend- and I mean friend in the most friend sense of the word- we are talking down to "not showered, hung over my girlfriend did such and such and could I believe it?! " kind of guy friend – finally broke up with the irritating girl a few months ago. Not a big deal except it meant that I didn't have her trying to set me up with anymore of her friends – that spells RELEIF in a way that antacid never could.
So…..take a breath- seems that maybe he wants to take me on a date. I thought I had heard him wrong and reminded him that me and skates just don't belong on the same body together after what happened last time I tried rollerblading….
He gave me that goofy look of his and said no dork, I said D-A-T-E- as in we both dress nicely and shower before we have dinner. Shower at our own homes he meant.
Now, this caught me completely off guard. As in, he's cute, and I'd set my friends up with him (the ex was not my doing!), but me go out with him? A little weird.
Still….since I have been very single for awhile, I thought, why not? So I said ok. Then I spelled it out- O-K. He rolled his eyes and said he'd see me at 7, and we'd go to that little Italian place I love so much downtown…and then if I was good, that maybe we'd get some drinks afterwards. I could be good for that, right?
It was a little after 4. I figured I had plenty of time to get ready, right? I mean, he's just a friend. He probably has seen everything I own more than a few times…in fact, I think he has previewed a date outfit or two for me along the way an offered up his advice.
I opened my closet doors. I couldn't believe it. I had nothing to wear.
What to do now? Hmmm, how about pour myself a drink. Or two? Or maybe not two. I settled on a rum and coke in one of my cool retro glasses I had bought for my bar. I took the drink back to my room and sat on my bed and did some mental calculations. Maybe a bath would help calm my ever increasing nerves since the drink wasn't helping much.
I turned on the water and poured in some of my Lollia Believe bubble bath . Ahhhh. At least I'd smell good!
I soaked in the water after lighting one of my Lollia candles and closed my eyes. I had lost a few pounds lately….maybe those super sexy studded jeans would FINALLY make their debut (yes, they were must haves…but a size too small and the only pair left, so I made a hopeful purchase with those!)- and what else? Shoes…….I had several pairs I picked up after Christmas that I couldn't decide between…so I bought all four pairs….and one of those had to look great. The swanky purple print pumps? Oh, those were good. I opened my eyes and stared back into my bedroom and saw something lacy and purple hanging out of one of my drawers, and something black and velvety hanging in my closet. NO WAY. Why hadn't I ever thought about putting those together before?
How did it already get to be 5???? I got out of the tub, and opened up my new Inspire Dusting Powder that I had been saving for a special occasion, and painted my nails. And then, saying a quick and hopeful prayer to the gods of fitting into clothes that were bought a size too small..tried on the jeans. And they fit. I stood there for a moment in awe of the fact that they actually buttoned with no muffin top as an added accoutrement. I put on everything else and looked…awesome!
Now….an hour left. Nothing to do but wait. And maybe have one more drink…or not, since with my luck I'd spill it. I grabbed the phone to call my sister because she would make me forget to be nervous about going on a D-A-T-E with a guy I've known for years.