Monday, January 14, 2008

Gina's Guide to Teacher Appreciation

My other "sister" called me not to long ago griping about what in the world she should get for the teachers at her daughter's school for gifts. They do a teacher appreciation month each year, and she wanted to do more than just the traditional coffee gift card.
"You're a fun girl" she said to me. "Help me think of something!"
Now, I have no clue what a teacher might want…so I had to think along the lines of practical, but not boring. And not a gift card.
So, I suggested my favorite place in the world for gifts- Swagger. My "sister" said, and I quote, "For a teacher????"
"Of course! I have several great ideas!"
"Name one," she challenged.
"All right. How about a monogrammed umbrella ?" I thought that would be different- and at least no one left with the wrong one in that case.
"Have you forgotten we are in a drought???? They'd probably think I was dense if I gave that."
"Have you checked the forecast? It's supposed to rain off and on for the next few weeks. They'd probably think you were up on your current events." I may have said that a bit snottily to be truthful.
"Oh. Maybe I should try watching the news every now and then, eh? I guess that is unique." She was coming around to my way of thinking.
"Ok, how about this then. They have these super cute monogrammed travel coffee mugs ."
"Hey, I like that idea! What else do they have?"
I was starting to get an idea.
"I have a great idea!" I exclaimed.
"How about if you do a little travel themed gift? Swagger has these little tote bags that you can have personalized too. Why not do one of the bags and put an umbrella and coffee mug in them???"
She was quiet for a moment….and she's never quiet, so she either loved my idea and was speechless at my savvy, or she hated it and was trying to think of a way to tell me nicely after soliciting my advice.
"I can't believe you thought of something that would be that perfect!" she squealed, clearly delighted.
"Glad I could help! You owe me!" I joked, but already planning to collect. She knew I had a soft spot for the pink soaps …and I had a feeling that maybe after she finished shopping for Hallie's teachers, that maybe, just maybe, some of those soaps would turn up at my house.