Monday, January 12, 2009

Goodbye Atlanta, Hello Cary!

We stayed an extra day so we could absolutely see everything - the lengths that I will go to for you guys!:) My mom and I are dead tired but I think we covered EVERY square inch of the place and have found the most amazing stuff! We laughed, we cried - we found a monogram for every part of your life!:) I think monogrammed items are going to be bigger this year than ever before - is that even possible? Yep - I think so! Of course you know we love that trend here at Swagger! Today's favorite item was this great beach chair cover - it comes in lime green and hot pink. And monogrammed? Stop it! I can't wait to get to the Lifetime Fitness pool - all the other women are going to be soooo jealous!

We also had fun in this "money" machine - we had a chance to win money, lunch, or gas cards. My mom got a $25 gas card - woo hoo! The perks of market:)!

We will be back in the store on Wednesday with new purses and jewelry so come visit! So until then - hugs! (Now I am going to bed because I am about to fall out!)