Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Gifts with Attitude just in!

Today I realized that I haven't posted many "gifts with attitude" lately, so here are a bunch that we just got in that seriously make me laugh OUT LOUD whenever I see them:)!  These items would be great for stocking stuffers, dirty santa parties, or for that one person that you know would love it!

Do you have a tea lover in your life?  These are great and the fine point on all the boxes is hilarious!

We were crying we were laughing so hard the first time we saw these hand sanitizers!  In case you can't read them - they are OCD, Bitch Smack that Germ, Cleaner than Shit, Smack my Germ Bitch, and our personal favorite here at Swagger -

Maybe you touched your genitals - hahahahaha!  It's funny because it's true!


This oversized flask needs no explanation (and it would be perfect for Holidays with the family!)

You know - this mug reminds me - Where the hell IS my personal assistant?

This soap is great!  I especially love -

because I think everyone has one friend that is a Hot Mess:) and I love -

because you know - sometimes it does!

And finally, for the redneck in all of us - a little Jingle Juice to leave out for Santa!

I hope this "gifts with attitude" made you laugh!