Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Trollbeads World Tour hits Germany!

Trollbeads is currently going on a World Tour!  Each month Trollbeads is "visiting" a new country where they will introduce four new beads exploring the history, culture, and charming quirks of that corner of the globe.   The World Tour collection is available only in it's homeland.

The first country they visited was Denmark (of course)!  Denmark is where Trollbeads originated so it makes perfect sense that they would start there!  The beads designed for Denmark were a Viking Ship, Design Troll, Anemone, and Runes.  You can check them out on Trollbeads Universe here

Once they started selling the beads in Denmark they announced the next country on the list would be Germany - arriving in September 2010!  Which I was super excited about, because I was also arriving in Germany in September 2010:)!  Hamburg, Germany to be precise - the weekend of September 3-6.
The Trollbeads Universe website said September 2010, but not an exact date, so I kept my fingers crossed that they would be there when I arrived on September 3rd!

My husband and I went to Germany to visit our good friends, Miriam and James, and when they asked if we had any "must see" things while in Hamburg, I said "YES - we have to go to a Trollbeads store!:)"  I'm guessing they weren't expecting that, but hey I knew they would take us to all the other cool places!

So, not even 3 hours after arriving in Hamburg we found the first Trollbeads Shop on my list!  "Where are your special  Deutschland World Tour beads?" I asked the friendly sales clerk.  "I'm sorry they don't come out until September 15th" she said.

What?  Booooooooh!  That put a damper on things.:(

I asked the sales clerk a few questions like, do you know what they are, do you have pictures of them, can you mail them to me in the USA.  No, No and No.  :( 


Oh well - I tried. 

A couple hours later, we passed by another store that sold Trollbeads - the name was easy to remember from my "Trollbead stores in Hamburg research", Becker's Jewelers (my last name is Becker - we're German:)).  Of course, this only made me more depressed. 

James told me I should go in.  WHY?!?!  He said he had a good feeling about this store.  Dude - no good feelings - THEY HAVEN'T COME OUT YET.  But he pushed us all in any way.  And low and behold...


And not only the beads, but also beautiful brochures about what they meant and special boxes just for the World Tour beads - ah-mazing!  The four beads (which have now come out on the Trollbeads Universe website) are a Gnome, VW bug, Brandenburg Gate, and The Frog Prince.

I was in TROLLBEAD HEAVEN!  I was the first person to come in and ask for them (probably because they weren't supposed to come out for another 2 weeks!), so I got my pick of the litter!  (And if you know about Trollbeads, you know that all the glass ones look slightly different so this was awesome!)

Now which one(s) do I want?:)  Hmmmmm.

Well - living in Zurich (the German part of Switzerland), gave me a new obsession for Gnomes!  Yes weird, I know!  But they remind me of all our hikes in the Alps, because seriously they are in EVERYONE'S yards!  You have no idea how many pictures I took of gnomes and gnome gardens.:)  So I HAD to get the gnome...

Isn't he so cute!!!  Every time I look down at him I smile!

Then there was the Frog Prince.  I loved the Brother's Grimm when I was little, and this bead with the cute frog with a crown on his head and with a beautiful green glass ball under him.  You KNOW I had to get him too...

 Don't you just want to kiss him to see if he turns into a prince?!

Yeah for great Trollbead KARMA!  I'm not sure how that worked out in my favor, but I'm not asking any questions!  I know the beads were released officially Today, so I am one lucky Trollbead FREAK:)!

I had to get a photo in front of the "Becker" store with all my goodies! 

It had to have been Becker FATE! 

Today they also announced that the next country will be ITALY!!!  The beads will be available some time in October.  Italy is my favorite European country so HOW AM I GOING TO GET TO ITALY before I leave Europe and move back to the United States on October 14th?!  I'm working on it and will let you know;)

So my final question.  It was announced that the World Tour will be stopping in the USA some time in 2011 (no I don't know the dates).  What four beads do you think they will design to represent the USA?  A McDonald's arch or a Starbuck's coffee cup?:)  But seriously...