Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Swagger's Redesign on a Dime!

I have to show you what my mom, Jill, has been working on at the store!  Her official title is Vice President of Visual Merchandising, but since Swagger is a small business,she does a lot of other things too - like fulfills all internet orders, calls in all damaged products from our vendors, keeps up with all bags, ribbon, boxes and wrapping supplies, instore sales, customer service, etc.  (I'm actually starting to wonder, if she does all this what do I do...but I digress.)  So, as you can see, it is amazing that our products even get out on the floor!  I'm sure she wonders why she even took this job...but again I digress (love you Mom:))! 

ANYWAY, my point here is - she has all these great ideas for visual display, but since I have her doing all this other stuff and I haven't always given her lots of money for the displays, she worked with what I had given her (which wasn't a lot).  But after attending a visual merchandising class at market, she got motivated (actually I was a little scared by the amount of motivation), kicked me in the butt and said "I NEED MONEY FOR DISPLAYS"!  Sheesh.  Why didn't you just ask?:)  (Okay - so she asked like a bizillion times in the last 8 years.)  But this time I listened!  Don't I get credit for that?

We agreed on $300.  I know it wasn't a lot, but it was better than nothing - right?  So she and my dad (who I need to apologize to because he got roped into a lot of work and isn't even on the payroll at Swagger - sorry Dad - but thank you and I love ya!) set out to Redesign on a Dime!  My mom has always been creative and can envision things I would NEVER come up with (hence why she is the VP Visual Merchandising!), but I am truly blown away by this transformation.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!  Did I say I love it?  I LOVE IT! 

Here are some Before & After shots!  I love it at the store, but thought the pictures might give you some ideas for your home!

Before - boring plain old white.  Now I love the new pop of bright color in the back of the cabinet!  The products really stand out!  I need to find a way to incorporate this idea into my home!

Before - we got this piece at a used displays store.  It was actually from the Godiva store at Crabtree Mall.  The brown wood really never went with our decor at Swagger but the piece was great for display.  Now - OMG!  Amazing what white paint can do!  Then she painted the entire wall behind the unit a light blue and painted another piece of plywood a dark shade of the same hue for behind the shelves.

I had to show a close up.  Not sure if you can tell, but my mom covered the ply wood with wallpaper that you can paint - I believe she just rolled on the color.  Then she went back in and did some hand detailing in lime green and white.  She said it was really easy!  My mind is spinning on where I can do this in my house!

Before - my mom always hated these glass shelves.  They were hard to display on and always looked dusty.  Now - my mom and dad headed down to the Habitat for Humanity warehouse off Capital Blvd and found these cool table legs that they painted black.  Then my dad cut pieces of wood in different sizes, so when stacked on top of the table legs it would look like tables stacked on top of each other.  Again she said - super easy!  I would love this as a book shelf in my family room!

So there you have it.  Pretty cool, huh.  And before you get any ideas she is NOT for hire:)!  I heard some of you people have been trying to get her to do interior designing at your house!  Hello?!?!?!  Christmas is coming up and she is MY mom - hands off people:)!

One more picture to show the finished product.

Here you can tell that she painted just the one wall the accent color - really makes your eye go to the back of the store.

I hope you guys got some ideas! I would love to know if you plan on incorporating any of these ideas into your own home! Have fun!