Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Does this work?

Recently my computer blew up. Yeah, it kind of sucked, BUT I did get a new computer out of it so I can't really complain (oh and all my info was backed up through Carbonite so that was helpful too.) My new computer came with the "New" Microsoft Office Suite – you know – the one that creates files that won't open on any of my other company computers. Yeah – that one. (And I do know how to make it work, but I always forget to save as the "old" Word file. Why does Microsoft have to torture me like this?) Anyhoo, as I was "saving as" I saw the item "Publish to Blog" on the drop down list and I HAD to see if it worked. And if it worked in the "old" Word – don't tell me. I feel really special (and smart) right now, so don't ruin it – okay:)!

Moment of truth. Here goes… pushing publish to blog right…NOW!

***OMG - it worked!!!  Now I am in here editing the text to write this and adding a label to the post!  I think I am going to dig this!  Anybody else write their blog posts this way?