Friday, September 10, 2010

This Just in - Twa-La Rings!

When I saw these changeable rings by Twa-La at market, I knew we HAD TO HAVE THEM at Swagger! Buy one ring then change the base, medallion, and crown for endless possibilities! (In my opinion you are saving money by buying this ring b/c it is so many in one:))

I love this ring for traveling.  Bring a couple of different bases and it will match your entire wardrobe.  Brilliant!  Say it with me one more time - "Why didn't I think of that?":)

And we have special - Now until the end of September buy the ring, base, medallion, & crown combo and get an additional base FREE!

Not available online, but calls us if you want to buy one and you don't live near our store in Cary, NC!