Thursday, July 8, 2010

Swagger has been BEDAZZLED!

So the other day Heather's Facebook status said "I am the bedazzling queen!"  I'll be honest - I was a little scared because I knew she had been working at Swagger that day!

BUT, when I flew in from Finland this week I saw this...
Cute - right?!

I love it!  Makes me want to go hang out in the bathroom at Swagger - ha!  I guess she figured while she was at it she minus well bedazzle the rest of Swagger, too:)  I am actually shocked to see that my mother wasn't bedazzled!  But I love these two things too - added a little more "swagger" to the place!

Plain hangers painted white and then BEDAZZLED!  I think I should take some of these for my closet at home...:)

Just a touch of pizzaz to one of our displays!

Go HEATHER!  Oh and she is for hire if anyone needs a jean jacket done:)!