Sunday, July 18, 2010

Market Watch July 2010 - Day 4

More jewelry (seriously - I can't stop), Christmas, and... Easter?!?! 

I got a bit of  a late start today.  This staying up til midnight to post this blog is for the birds;)  I was a little flustered by the time I got to market at 11, but I decided to get myself in the buying mood buy looking at the jewelry....again!;)  I love it!  Good thing we are having a BIG Fall Preview Sale next week! 

So these are some of the pieces I purchased today - what do you think?

Pearls are going to be a HUGE trend this fall and I thought these necklaces looked great on. 

I love the chunky layered look here.  Oh - and this necklace was so light I forgot I had it on - which is great because normally these necklaces way 50 lbs!:)

So try to ignore my man hands and focus on this new line of leather bracelets that I found today - they are so cool!  The bracelets come in lots of widths and different metallics. 

After I pulled myself away from the jewlery floor, I purchased some Christmas and Easter stuff - yes I said Easter:)!  It was so cute I couldn't resist - and it is from the Roundtop Collection that you guys love so much at Christmas!

No I did not buy this fake Christmas tree with the green balls - I bought the stick that is hanging off of it in the lower right hand corner.  These sticks come 6 to a pack and it will make your fake Christmas tree smell like a REAL one for the entire Christmas season!  Oh my gosh they smelled soooooooo good!  And you can just tuck these sticks into the fake tree and no one will ever know.  Just wait till you smell them -I couldn't even believe it!

Isn't that chick and the little egg with feet one of the cutest things you've ever seen?:)

Finally, I was so excited to see the new pen from the line of personalization products that we can personalize for you in less than 5 minutes WHILE YOU WAIT!  I love the new patterns - I think there are 5 - very sophisticated.  What a great item to pair up with some cute stationery!

Well I've done it again - I am pushing "publish post" of this blog as my clock is turning midnight!  So good night!  I've got to be fresh for tomorrow - my last day of market until January:(