Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Market Watch July 2010 - Day 1

Oh my goodness!  Can you say Fashion Accessories?!  Today was an amazing day at market!  We got so much good stuff!

I am so excited to show you all our jewelry next week!  We are going to have AMAZING DEALS so make sure to come by next Wednesday Night through Saturday for our Fall Preview Sale- seriously you won't want to miss it!  I promise to upload pics of some of the new jewelry to a photo album tomorrow - promise!  Today I am having major technical difficulties:(!

We also bought scarves, ruanas, wraps and MORE SCARVES!  If you thought scarves were big last year - just wait - they are going to be even BIGGER this year!  And by bigger, I mean they are going to be THE accessory as well as they are just going to be BIG!:)  The trend is definitely big plush fluffy bulky scarves!  And if I heard it once, I heard it a 100 times today - a huge trend for fall is COLOR!  I am super excited about this color thing, since I like basic slimming black outfits during the winter, and a nice fluffy hot pink scarf will be just the thing to make me feel fashionable! 

New Scarves for fall
These scarves were so soft!

We finished our day buying Scout Bags!!!  Thanks to everyone for telling us what patterns you liked in our "Hot or Not" questionaire on Facebook, and just so you know they looked even more beautiful in person!  You guys are going to die when you see the "Vine of the Times" and the "Fall Bright Paisley" patterns!

New Scout Bags
You are going to LOVE these new patterns!

Okay - it is only day 1 and I am so tired - it sucks getting old:)  I'm headed to bed - Peace Out for tonight but make sure to check back tomorrow for more sneak peaks at what is coming to Swagger this fall!