Sunday, January 10, 2010

January 2010 Market - Day 5

Last day of market and we are so excited about our findings! We all split up to look for different stuff so we could cover more ground. My mom was in charge of garden stuff, Heather was in charge of purses, headbands and more jewelry, and I was tasked with finding more personalized gifts!

We were all excited about what we found, but since I (Mandy) write the blog - I have to talk about what I found:) And I am SOOO excited about the personalized gifts! We are going to be able to print notecards, calling cards, notepads, bag tags, and COFFEE MUGS in less than ten minutes with your name or initials! No need to worry about us not having the initials you need! Can you imagine - waiting to the last minute, driving to Swagger 30 minutes before you are supposed to be at a party, and still being able to get a personalized gift?! So cool! Yeah for us procrastinators! We will be getting this program in March - can't wait!

I am now headed down to Albany to see my little sister, and I will be back in the store next Monday January 18th with all the goodies we purchased! I then leave to go back to Switzerland on Thursday January 21st - time has flown and I can't believe I have been in town since December 1st!
See you all soon!