Wednesday, January 6, 2010

January 2010 Market - Day 1

Hey Everybody! Long time no talk!:) So sorry guys - Christmas at Swagger was CrAzY!!!
But I'm back and have headed down to Atlanta for market, so of course I wanted to share it with you!
So my mom and I started shopping today and we had so much fun! I am so excited about what we are getting in! I wish I could get everything to ship right NOW! Anybody have $100K they will let me borrow????? Anyone? No? Alright - then I guess the stuff will have to come in monthly:)!

So we started off the day buying Halloween stuff. Yep - I said Halloween. The stuff was so scary - well more cute - but I loved it:) Only 9 more months till you guys get to see it all:) Here's a preview though:
Next we purchased the most awesome sun hats! They are UPN 50 AND you can fold it up into a ball and then it POPS back to it's original form! Great for traveling! We got lots of cute colors to match all of your bath suits!

So what is up with Headbands? They are obviously a HUGE trend right now! We have already gotten a few and I can't wait to start wearing them! These gerber daisy headbands were meant for little girls, but doesn't it look so cute on me?:)

Finally we ended the day with a new baby line that I am super excited about! For all you moms - have you ever heard about eebee's adventures? They have won several Parent's Choice awards for their products! I love eebee and the DVDs, books, and plush are amazing - we can't wait to share eebee with you! And yes I know I don't look fabulous in this photo, but I have on a hat for a 6 month old - okay?! Don't judge me:)

Tomorrow Heather joins us, so make sure to come back for more adventures and sneak peaks and this season's gifts!