Monday, June 30, 2008

Happy Holidays!

I know you're probably thinking: "that girl is off her rocker... it's not the holidays!"
That's what you think!
The 4th of July weekend is probably hands down, one of my favorite holiday weekends all year! The warm weather, the obligatory trip to the beach or the neighborhood pool, numerous cook-outs, and a long, work-free weekend... what more could a summer girl ask for?
If you'll be hitting the beach, the boat, or the pool, then you'll obviously need to gear up with this week's blog-only reader special from Swagger Today only - until 6pm - get yourself together for this weekend with 15% off bathing suit cover ups, beach bags, and new coolers! Simply print this blog and bring it into the store or tell them Gina sent you!
The only other things I can think you may possibly need are your bathing suit and the ingredients for your tried-and-true beach cocktails