Monday, June 9, 2008

I'm Melting, Melting, Melting!

Now I'm no Wicked-Witch of the West (no matter who the boy toy will tell you that I could be compared to at 7am before my first coffee or Red Bull of the day...) but I'm starting to think that a few minutes too long out in the elements right now could down right melt a girl!
So I guess I have the heat to blame for driving me inside as of late, which has spurred a major overhaul of my humble abode to say the least. What started as getting down on my hands and knees and scrubbing the kitchen floor and base boards to spotless and shiny perfection - if I do say so myself - has left me wondering: what next?
I'm trying to be budget-friendly but really up the ante since I'll be doing a bit of entertaining over the next few months... so I'm super excited to pass along that today's Manic Monday blog-only special is a 15% off special that's good in the store OR online and is for a product from the lastest and greatest in home d├ęcor - WALLigraphy!

Just enter the discount code "heatwave" at checkout or mention it in the store for 15% off any product from the Room Service line of WALLigraphy products - the amazingly beautiful (and always helpful for guests) way to decorate the walls of your home with little fuss and no clean-up!
Swagger is open until 6pm today - but if you can't make it in before then... don't forget - this same discount is available online, too! (Woo hoo!)
So now, with that quick and easy addition, the only question I'm left with is... what next? I guess I could clean out the closet? Yikes.