Monday, June 16, 2008

Just Beachy...

You know, back when I was younger... summer meant a 3 month vacay and many, many trips to the beach. (What is this growing up thing and how do we make it stop?) I've been dying for a trip to the coast, but that just hasn't been the case lately. I need to just schedule a few days and like Nike says: Just Do It!
Until I can actually make it to the beach for an afternoon on the sand with a cool drink in my hand and a whole stack of fashion magazines that have been sitting on my coffee table just BEGGING to be read, at least I can dress like I'm there!
So here I sit today in my flip-flops and sunglasses but jewelry is what I'm lacking. Lucky me - today's blog special is for 15% off monogrammed shell jewelry in the store! So all I need to do is stop in the store on my way home (before 6pm) and I'll be on my way to being completely beached out... even if I'm here in the Triangle.
The tough part now is, deciding WHICH piece of shell jewelry I'm going to select... maybe since it's on sale, I'll just get one of each!
Want to join me in my beachy escape? Just print this blog and bring it into the store with you today and save 15% too!