Monday, December 17, 2007

The "Just Because" Gift

If you have a friend that is feeling down, or one of your family members didn’t get the big promotion they were hoping for, it’s always nice to try to help pick them up in whatever way you can. Some will go out for drinks, others a good gab on the phone. We suggest giving them a small “Just Because” gift.

Now “Just Because” doesn’t mean that the person in question has to be down, or sad, etc., it can encompass every aspect of a person. Listed below are some gift ideas we think would be great – why, you ask? The answer is simple, “just because” we said so!

Just Because You Make Me Laugh: Everyone has a friend that makes you laugh hysterically, even when the subject matter may be less than pleasant. If you are looking for a little something to let her know how much it means to have a little laughter in your life, get her some of the Lollia Inspire Bubble Bath and let her know that she inspires you to find the funny in life.

Just Because You Are a Great Friend: This great friend is always there to take a last minute phone call to let you complain about your husband, easily forgives you when you forget a play date, and lends you her favorite serving dish even though she knows you dropped yours on the floor. A set of our Personalized Glory Tulip Glasses are the perfect way to let her know that you value her friendship and trust in you to not drop her favorite serving dish as well.

Just Because You Were There In a Pinch: We all have those moments when the car breaks down, or you get stuck at the mechanic when you start to panic about getting to pick up the kids on time. The friend or neighbor that scoots on a moment’s notice to help you out in this bind deserves a little recognition from time to time. One of our Personalized Umbrellas lets them know you appreciate them helping out and would like to help them out in return by keeping them dry during rainy days.

Just Because You Could Use a Pick Me Up: We all get the blues from time to time, and it’s hard to see one of your good friends or family members feeling down. A great way to cheer them up – just because they look better with a smile on their face – is to give them a little pick me up. If the person in need of a little cheer likes to be in the kitchen, try getting them one of our Personalized Cutting Boards so they can chop away their blues on a head of lettuce – just forgo the onions cause we don’t want any tears!

Just Because You are My Husband/Wife: It is a given that you should do nice things for your spouse for no reason at all. Just because your husband leaves his socks on the floor, or can’t seem to find anything to eat in the well-stocked fridge, you’d miss those traits if they were not there anymore. Same goes for the wife that tells her husband she’s only going to spend $100 but ends up spending $200 because everything was on sale. A great little do-dad for your husband is our Personalized Pocket knife (just keep him away from your credit cards if you’re the big spender). For your wife, why not get her our Avacado Shell Necklace with a Monogrammed Pendant. These never go out of style and look great for both casual and dressy affairs.

Just Because I Wanted To: Whether you want to brighten their day, or say "I'm thinking of you," a "Just Because" gift is mainly given because you wanted to so something nice for someone that you care about. If you aren't sure what the person would like, one of our gift certificates will surely brighten their day.