Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The Hostess With The "Mostess"

When invited to a dinner party or get together at a friend’s house, you generally know what to expect – good food, good wine and spirits, stimulating conversation and getting up to speed on the latest gossip. Though you can be counted on to always provide your end of the deal (i.e. your charming self), should you also provide a little gift to the hostess to thank her for her hospitality?
In a nutshell, YES! Your hostess (and host) have gone out of their way to provide a great night of entertainment for their guests and though it is not “required” that you bring (or send) a hostess gift, good taste and good manners dictate that you should.
Here’s what we suggest to bring for your favorite hostess at their next get together:

Candles: One of our personalized monogram candles is an excellent choice, just make sure you order it a few weeks in advance to insure it is delivered in time for the party. One of our Lollia candles would also make a great gift.

Soaps: Since there will be many guests traveling in and out of the hostesses bathroom why not giver her something that is both practical and adorable with one of our sets of monogrammed soaps. From White Flowers, to Citrus, to English Garden, there is something for even the most discriminating hostess.

Home Accessory: If you are pretty close with the hostess and want to spring for a really nice gift, try giving her one of our monogrammed martini sets or a set of personalized wine glasses. These will surely come in handy at her next little get together and your name will be at the top of her list of invitees.

Stationery: This is a great “catchall” hostess gift. Take it a step further and get her one of our stamps or embossers with her monogram so she can put her own personalized touch to it.

Other: Gift certificates to her favorite boutique, restaurant, or bookstore, some gourmet baked goodies; and a nice bottle of wine are all good options. Flowers are a little bit tricky – they can be cumbersome to the hostess to try to arrange them and meet guests at the same time, or they may clash with the party’s décor. If you feel you must send flowers, try to do so a day ahead (or early the day of) or better yet, drop off a gift certificate to the local flower shop a few days before hand with a quick note letting her know you are looking forward to the get together.

If you didn’t get the chance to get out and purchase a hostess gift before the party, never fear, it is perfectly acceptable to send a gift after the party. Also, it’s always nice to send the hostess a short thank you note letting her know how much you enjoyed the get together and appreciated the effort she put forth.