Friday, July 15, 2011

Third Day of Market - Tech & Hostess Gifts

We were all over the place yesterday!  Buying all kinds of different stuff we've never had before.

We especially liked the cool "i" stuff.  Okay - so I'm addicted now that I have my new ipad 2 - and I love all the accessories!  And like I told my husband - you HAVE TO have some of these accessories to protect your investment (screen protector, sleeve, etc) so why not make them cute - right?!  Right!;)
I love these earphones - and not just because they are cute!  There is a mighty magnet on the back so you can attach it to your clothes when you are working out, in the car - basically wherever you are that you don't want your earphones tangled up in your arm!  And the wires go into the little circle thing when you aren't using them so they don't get tangled up.  AND they have a mircrophone so if you are listening to music and a phone call comes in you can take it.  Pretty cool - huh?!  We thought so!  Oh yeah - and it comes in lots of colors!

All the earphones have matching ipad protective screen covers and iphone cases.  The best thing about the cover is that it is front AND back so you can also use it as a stand - these people were really thinking!

We also found some really great food items - we love dips and drink mixes for hostess gifts! 

These dips were our favorite!  Not only do they taste great but the packaging is awesome!  (And it is all about the presentation you know:))  We also purchased drink mixes and some dessert mixes like chocolate fudge and caramel dip - yummy!  Just writing this makes me want to go back today and get another sample!

Of course we got a lot more than that, but it is 8 am and time to head back to market to get MORE!  Can't wait to tell you about it tomorrow!