Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Swagger Gifts loves giving away money!

Well - Swagger Bucks that is! We are happy to say that we emailed out 73 $25 Rewards Certificates this morning! So make sure to check your inbox - one could have gone to you!

How do you get Swagger Bucks you ask? Every time you make a purchase from Swagger Gifts we keep tracking of it, and when you spend $250 you receive a $25 Rewards Certificate! Seriously - that easy! We send out rewards certificates at the beginning of every month for those who earned them during the previous month. (Note: this $250 is cumulative - you could have started purchasing in 2008 and got to $250 last month and would now be receiving your Swagger Bucks!)

Just our way of saying "Thanks for shopping at Swagger!"

xoxo, Mandy