Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Coutdown to Spring - 3 days left!

OMGosh! I am so excited that the first official day of spring is this Saturday March 20th!!! So excited because now there CAN'T be any more cold weather - right?! RIGHT!

We decided to have a little fun with the first day of spring by having a CoUnTdOwN! Are you ready? 3 days to go - and for TODAY ONLY - these items are 20% off at Swagger Gifts Online!

We love to Entertain - especially outside! Casual get togethers in the backyard are a favorite of mine! How about getting one of these super cute TRAYS (for serving cocktails perhaps), and some MELAMINE PLATES (they won't break when a party-goer drops them), or this super functional ICE BUCKET (the neoprene cover keeps the ice cold)! You will be the Hostess with the Mostess and if you can't really cook (like me), then you can distract everybody with your CUTE STUFF:)! Yes this is how my mind works:)

Coupon Code: Springin3

Clock is ticking!