Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Silly Bands - A HOT Trend!

We just got these Silly Bands at the store and they are flying out like crazy! A mother of a middle school kid told us they were "All the rage!" Not sure what they are doing with them, but hey - who am I to judge a middle school trend? I wore two different colored socks on EACH foot, sat around at lunch singing "Every rose has it's thorn", and my hair was so high I could hardly sit in the car back then:)

SO - we just wanted to let you know that we have the Silly Bands at Swagger! Perfect for Easter baskets, birthday parties, great job on your test, etc!


Lisa said...

What do they do? Can you use them like regular rubber bands and then they get their shape back after?

Mandy said...

Yes - that's exactly what they do, but I think the middle schoolers wear them like bracelets:)!

Anonymous said...

They are very popular in elementary school. Kids love to trade them.

Anonymous said...

Everyone in middle school has at least one on their arm or ankle.

Anonymous said...

omgg! i loveee silly bands.
oh, i am in the sixth grade and all my friends have'emm!!

Anonymous said...

I have only 3 silly bands im in 4th grade ther so awsome everywere i go i see SILLY BANDS

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