Monday, February 22, 2010

This just in...Jordi!

Who is Jordi you ask? Jordi is your new favorite pair of flip flops! Go get a pedicure girls because you are going to want to wear these new babies A.S.A.P! Jordis come in six super cute colors, as shown here, then you have tons of snaps to choose from - perfect for every occassion! Imagine going on vacation with one pair of shoes that you can take from the beach to dinner with a SNAP! Love it! And with the weather as beautiful as it was in Cary, NC yesterday I know we are in for sunny, hot days very soon- WOOHOO!!!

See you soon!


Lisa said...

Hey Mandy - how much are these? I'm sure they're way more affordable than Jack Rogers!

Mandy said...

They are $24 for the flip flops and $12 for the snaps. They are so cute!

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