Thursday, February 18, 2010

This just in...Eebee's Adventures!

We are so excited to have gotten our Eebee's Adventures in this week! What is an eebee you ask? Eebee is a really cute crazy looking character that goes on adventures with your infant or toddler. Based on the latest research on how babies learn and grow, eebee’s adventures are designed to help you and your baby transform everyday play, observation and exploration into learning that lasts.

Eebee’s adventures focus on the developmental skills that babies are working on and use as the foundation of all future learning. They provide models and ideas for enriching ordinary moments by presenting playful and real situations that young children (and parents!) can actually understand, build on and learn from.

Eebee’s adventures feature eebee, the baby’s baby, along with infants 6 months and older who play and discover in a world that is real, engaging, and rich with possibilities.

Eebee has received several awards including an iParenting Media Award and has been mentioned in every magazine from Us Weekly to Baby Talk Magazine! Check out the eebee's adventures website to learn more about how parents can interact better with their kids then get over to Swagger Gift's and starting buying this for your NEW BABY GIFTS - I know this is what I will be giving!
See you soon, Mandy