Thursday, August 13, 2009

Why should you shop at Swagger Gifts?

What makes Swagger unique? What are the benefits of shopping with us? We know there are a million places for you to spend your hard earned money so we thought we would give you a Top 5 List of why you should buy your gifts at Swagger:)

Top 5 List of the Benefits of Shopping at Swagger Gifts:

1. You can grab a gift and ……. go to the party! Are you always running late? Have too many places to be and there is only one of you? At Swagger, we provide Free Gift Wrapping on ALL in store purchases so you can even buy a gift last minute and get to the party before they yell “Surprise”!

2. You get rewarded for shopping with us! You should be rewarded for being so nice to your friends and family – right? Absolutely! At Swagger, when you spend $250 you get a $25 Gift Certificate in the mail! (And we keep up with your purchase so no card to keep up with - yeah!)

3. You can buy the newest, trendiest gifts on the market! At Swagger, we get new products almost daily so it is always fresh and exciting! Come in on Monday – then come back on Friday – the store could be completely different!

4. Do you love personalized gifts? You will have the largest selection of Personalized Gifts in town when you shop at Swagger! When you get a personalized gift the recipient knows you went out of your way to get something especially for them – and you can’t give a bigger compliment than that!

5. You get the most amazing customer service! Don’t know what you want? No problem! At Swagger, we have a highly trained staff ready to help you find the perfect gift no matter what the occasion or who it is you are shopping for! We want you to leave thinking “Wow I just got the best gift EVER! I thought I would never find something for Great Aunt Mary Jo (or my son’s teacher, or my BFF who has everything) then I went into Swagger and their staff was so awesome – they helped me find the perfect gift!” Or something like that;)