Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Swagger Gifts was cool even before we knew it.

The idea for Swagger Gifts was formed in 2001 when my friend Brooke and I would daydream about what we wanted to do when "we grew up". I wanted to quit my engineering job and open up a gift shop..... with the name Swagger b/c I thought it sounded like a place that would have fun, sassy stuff! And now it is the BIGGEST word in pop culture - I mean who isn't using the word Swaggger?! Britney, T.I., Randy Jackson (twice last night on AI!) - need I say more? They totally heard us using it and said - wow those are some cool girls - we should totally hijack that word! Well guys - we love the free advertisment so Swagger On!:) And yes - I still do love it when you guys email or facebook me to let me know you heard it somewhere else!

Okay - so maybe they didn't hear it from us, but we WERE cool before our time:)! At least give me a little credit - I'm "in my 30's" I need all the cool points I can get!

xoxo, Mandy


Colleen Hickey said...

Hi Mandy,
Just read your tips on blogging thru OneCoast. Such great info! Thanks. BTW swagger is a great name and I'm quite sure you don't need to worry about being cool :)

Mandy said...

Hi Colleen,
I just looked at your blog and it made me want to buy some antiques! What beautiful stuff you have! I will definitetly keep up with it - I want some antique jewelry!:)

Lisa said...

No, you're right... they're just copying the Swagger style!!

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