Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Don't be Trashy!

We are trying our best at Swagger to become as "Green" as possible! A couple things we do over here that you can do too are:

1. We just started carrying these reusable super cute water bottles and have now banned plastic water bottles at the store! If you are like us and use plastic water bottles everyday, switch over to something like these bottles to save money and the environment!
2. We recycle shopping bags. If you have a stack of Swagger Bags at your house - bring them back in! We use them for various things around the store including sending off our monogramming orders! Every little bit helps!

3. We use recycled printer cartridges. We love Cartridge World in Cary! We refill our printer cartridges instead of them going into the landfills and at half the price! We spoke with the owner of Cartridge World in Cary, Dan Buccola, and he told us to offer you guys $2 off every cartridge purchased now through May 1st. Just mention the Swagger Blog!

We love saving the environment and keeping more money in our wallets - for shopping of course! We hope you do too - so don't be trashy!:)

Happy Earth Day!

xoxo, Mandy