Tuesday, February 17, 2009

23 Boxes arrived Today!!!!

Yeah! The stuff I ordered from Market is starting to come in!!! I love it when I see the FedEx truck "back up" in front of Swagger - it means LOTS of goodies! They don't "back up" for less than 10 boxes so I knew it was going to be at least that, but I was so excited to receive 23! All of them were Mud Pie - and the stuff in the 23 boxes is adorable!

This is what our back room looks like and we have already unpacked half the boxes!:) We are tripping on each other!The boxes have all kinds of cool stuff in them like these super cute monogrammed baby dishes - call for your letter if you like them - it might be a while before they make their way to the website! And here is a professional photo from MudPie with the new Monogrammed Wine Glasses and Double Old Fashion Glasses (we have matching monogrammed highball glasses too). I guess it looks a little better than the ones I took in my back room!:)