Saturday, November 29, 2008

Calling All Winos!

Just for you wine fans, Mandy has offered up a snazzy giveaway on Swagger's facebook page!

Mandy is offering up a set of four super trendy stemless wine glasses (an awesome gift for your klutzy friends who have broken their share of glassware) and best part about them... they're monogrammed! *Woooh!* (You have to read up on the How I Met Your Mother "Wooh Girl" theory... funniest. thing. EVER!)

So, if you aren't on facebook yet... now is a great time to join up and become a fan of Swagger's page so you can get the weekly update on fabulous giveaways like this:
Here's where you can find the stemless glasses on Swagger's website if you just can't wait (or if you're ready to grab a few sets for holiday gifts).

Now that you're all logged in to facebook in another tab (don't lie - you know you check your updates every hour on the hour!), here is the link to Swagger's facebook page where you can become a fan so you'll get an update every Friday when a new giveaway goes up.

PS - Don't forget to also comment on the photo to be entered to win!