Monday, April 28, 2008

I Refuse to be the Last Girl on Board...

I like to think of myself as a pretty trendy girl but sometimes... just sometimes... even the coolest of trends sometimes takes off right before my eyes. (And I won't even act like I wasn't pre-occupied the last week with all the good stuff going on this past weekend... Triangle Beach Music Festival in Garner, World Beer Festival in Moore Square, Foxfields in Virginia, ... )
So what is it that I've finally set my sights on to acquire by the end of today?
In true girl-tastic style, I MUST add a vinyl decal (monogram, please!) to my car.

Now here's my only problem... what color and what font can I commit to? (I better order a few... my favorites change with the weather.)
Luckily, the girls at Swagger are eager to help us get on the monogram train (or car, truck, SUV... whatever you're driving these days) so today's Manic Monday special is 15% off car decals... but you must come in the store before 6pm today to order - so hop to it!
*Don't forget to print this blog and bring it with you to take advange of this special blog-only sale!*