Monday, October 8, 2012

Organica Firepot Fuel Solution

Firepots used to be one of the best selling items at Swagger - before the "firepots blowing up on people" scandal.  I was very sad to see Firepots go away as I LOVED using mine and so did a lot of my friends and our customers.  Well - I am happy to announce that a new company has come out with a completely organic fuel - it is so safe you can DRINK IT!  HA!  That sounds pretty safe to me! 

The new fuel is named Organica.  Organica is safe for indoor and outdoor use. Certified by the US Dept of Agriculture (USDA) as 100% Bio-based, Organica has the lowest emissions of any type of fuel. Organica is classified as Non-flammable, can be extinguished with water and burns with hues of blue, orange and yellow.

Organica has two components - the "wick" or media roll and the fuel.  Basically the fuel doesn't work without the "wick" - kind of like how a candles works.  If you pour more fuel on the already lit firepot it will just put the flame out. 

Here is a video:

So break out your firepot - it is now safe to use again!!  We are selling the media roll, fuel, and new firepots.  Come by Swagger to check it out!