Thursday, January 13, 2011

Market in Atlanta - Day 1 1/2

Why day 1 1/2 you ask?  Because Atlanta has the worst ice strom I have ever seen!  The entire city has been closed down - it is crazy!

I was supposed to start shopping on Monday, but that wasn't going to happen - seriously you couldn't go anywhere - and this wasn't just southerners making a big deal out of nothing - this ice was bad!  Then when I woke up Tuesday morning I was hopeful that I could get to market, but then while watching the news, I saw the GA Department of Transportation salt truck crash into the median on I-85 and thought otherwise.  However, I got such cabin fever knowing I should be SHOPPING that I called a cab driver (which was another adventure in and of itself) and had him drop me off at MARTA so I could spend some money!  Unfortunately I didn't start shopping till around 3:30 pm (hence the 1/2 day:)), but I stayed until 9:30 Tuesday night and then shopped from 8 am till 8 pm yesterday! 

I am sooooo excited about the stuff I am finding!  YEAH!!!  I purchased the coolest collegiate stuff,  beautiful frames, great items for wedding gifts, purses, jewelry (lots of jewelry - as usual), cool stuff you didn't even know you needed (but you do!), Easter, and Christmas!   I have to make this post short since I am sitting in a showroom stealing their internet (no internet at the hotel room I bummed from one of my reps - again - another story all together - thank you Michelle!!!), but here are a couple pics and I promise to post more later!

Slapwatches are going to be HUGE!  Did any of you see these on The View?  They are so cool!  There are 6 different colors and you can interchange the watch band and the face to make 36 different watch combinations!  And the remind me of my childhood because of the "slap" band. 
Two thumbs up from me!!! 

Great graphics on these t-shirts AND they fit really well!  Such a cute gift!  Problem is - which one do I want?!?!

Don't laugh - you KNOW you want one!
  And yes - I did by other Christmas stuff but I think this was my favorite item - ha!