Tuesday, November 24, 2009

On the 6th day of Shopping Deals, Swagger gave to me - Gifts for the College Girls

On the 6th day of Shopping Deals, Swagger gave to me - Gifts for the College Girls

College – those were the days! :-) Unfortunately, my days at Georgia Tech were before digital cameras, but here is a scanned picture from back in the day of me and my sorority "little sis" Tish:)! It is so strange to see myself with long hair - but at least it isn't dyed black! I had that in college too - and NO you aren't seeing a picture of that!:)
College reminds me of so many things – great friends, football games, dorm rooms, early morning classes, getting my car towed – a lot… but I digress. Here are some of the most popular items with our college crowd and I know they would be happy to unwrap them (personalized with their school colors or Greek letters, of course) this Holiday season!

Monogrammed Bathwrap. Did I mention dorm life? And communal bathrooms? I wish I would have had one of these – it would have made life a whole lot easier… and less awkward! I can still remember how challenging it was to hold up my towel and carry all my bathroom stuff, while wearing flip flops, none the less! :-)

Monograms made of vinyl letters for the car are still THE THING on College Campuses. Girls like to add their monogram to everything - I can’t say I blame them – so do I:) (Maybe we never grow out of this!) And it makes it a lot easier to find your white Honda accord in the midst of all the other white Honda accords. :-) (Have I ever mentioned the time I tried and tried and tried to unlock my Accord only to realize the lei in the rearview mirror - instead of croakies and tortoise shell sunglasses - meant I was trying to drive off in someone else's car instead of my own? Thankfully, the parking lot was empty at the moment and I quickly got in my own car and boogied before anyone caught that embarrassing experience!)

Road Trip! (or “Away Game!”) This monogrammed bag is perfect for over night trips or as a carry on for longer distances (Spring Break perhaps). The design is classic and would look great no matter where they are headed!

Finally – every college girl (or guy) needs their own Can Cooler! From trying to keep your Diet Coke cold on the way to class or hanging out a tailgate on a hot Fall day – you can never go wrong with a can cooler! A monogrammed cooler kills two birds with one stone – your drink will stay cold AND you will always know which drink is yours! Seriously – the perfect gift!

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