Monday, November 9, 2009

Happy 7th Birthday to Swagger!

We wanted to say THANK YOU to all of our customers for making it possible to celebrate our 7th Birthday! We have been having an amazing time since 2002 and we owe it all to you!
What is it about birthdays that makes you want to reminisce? Every year on Swagger's Birthday I go back through all the pictures we have taken of the store since we opened. I love to look at all the changes in Swagger's life and to see how far we've come. I love the birthday quote that goes something like this " The thing I love most about birthdays is that you don't lose all the other ages!" So true!

One cool thing that has happened since 2002 is that Swagger is now a major buzz word! But I'm glad to say we had Swagger before T.I, Lil Wayne, Jay-Z, or Fergie! NO ONE on the corner has Swagger Like Us! (You have no idea how long I've want to fit that into one of our blogs:))

I thought I'd show you some pics from our Opening Day 7 years ago in 2002 and what the same view point looks like now. The funny things is - I thought the store was PACKED FULL OF STUFF when we opened!:) Haha! Wow - how things have changed!

Then - Nathan and I at our Grand Opening -don't you just love my dark hair!

Now - We got new Zebra curtains a couple years ago - I love them!

Then - Doesn't it look full?:) Even though there wasn't a whole lot - I still look at this picture and can see all the GIFTS WITH ATTITUDE! We had cool stuff from day one - even if I have to say so myself:)! Do you see how we even had room for a table and chairs - but we were selling stationery so we needed somewhere to look at the books.:)

Now - Before you could see all the way to the back - definitely not any more!

Then - The Jewelry Counter - even if though there wasn't much in it - I still remember how beautiful that jewerly was! I still have a few pieces and say it is from my "Vintage Swagger Collection"!

Now - We have A LOT more jewelry (there is a whole other wall of it) and lots more monogrammed stuff! And of course - we now carry Trollbeads!!!

Thank you for continuing to shop with Swagger Gifts! We truly appreciate it!
xoxo, Mandy


Susan said...

Love the birthday cake Mandy - it is adorable! And the pictures are great....Can't wait to get back in there soon.....

Mandy said...

Thanks Susan - we've come a long way!:)

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