Sunday, July 12, 2009

A Week in the Life of a Gift Shop Owner - Day 5

Sorry guys - day 4 was so crazy I was too tired to even blog about it! I totally just crashed in the bed! So let's just talk about day 5......

Not sure if I told you guys, but I started the week off with strep throat! I guess that is what happens when you spend a week with your very cute nieces and nephews!:) I don't think I've had strep since I was 10! Anyway, now that I've finished a box of theraflu and started my antibiotics I am good to go! Made for a very exhausting week though!

But today was the last day for us at market and I am so excited about all the stuff we purchased! Heather, my Mom, and I started the day off on a mission for a line of bath and body products. We bought these very cool "bath seltzers". Brand new product on the market and it is hard to describe but for all of you who loved our Me Bath products you are going to LOVE this too!

Next we moved on to jewelry - it is going to be a great season for fashion! I love the mix of metals. I wear gold and silver together anyway, but now it is going to be REALLY in style!

Here is a list of WHAT's HOT in Fashion Accessories:
1. Layering - layering necklaces is the hottest trend this fall!
2. Pearls
3. Metals
4. Rhinestones
5. Bangles & Bracelets
6. Turquoise
7. Brown

We found some brand new artists out of New York - they are fabulous! We are bringing back some jewelry with us tomorrow but the rest will be arriving between now and October! We will make sure to post the info here when we get them in.

We finished the day with men's gifts, gourmet food, and toddler! All things that were recommended by you guys in our customer survery and on our facebook page! Thank you so much for all the feedback!

Tonight Heather is flying back to Raleigh from Atlanta and tomorrow morning my mom and I are driving with all the goodies we bought while we were here! Be sure to come by this week to see the best stuff - you know most of the jewelry is one of a kind - and seriously this stuff is awesome!

I am now headed to bed so I don't fall asleep during the 6 hour drive tomorrow! It will be nice to be back on a normal schedule! Cell phones don't work at the mart and I haven't spoken to my husband for more than 10 minutes total in the last 5 days - I need to get back to reality! I hope to see some of you this week before I head back to Switzerland on Thursday!


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Lisa said...

How cool!!! Love to hear about the upcoming jewelry trends... I'm a fan on all 7 accounts!

Have a safe trip back :-)

PS - I meant to tell you on the other posts that I'm a HUGE apron fan, can't wait to see if you brought any with you!

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