Monday, August 25, 2008

Style Report: Flat Wallets

On Our Radars: Flat Wallets.

And if you haven't made the switch because you think there's no way you can carry all the essentials without your 30-pound "handbag"... then think again!The Swagger girls have stuffed them full, toted them around, danced to their little hearts content on the dance floor, tossed them between ladies night teammates (between holding the bathroom doors closed for each other), and they've all survived to tell the stories of how the awesome flat wallets still retained all of their credit cards, IDs, and business cards clear through the next morning.

Obviously, anything with fun colors and zebra prints caught the eyes of everyone at Swagger... but wallets that can truly go anywhere and hold everything, well now that's just a must-have accessory in my book.

Since it's Manic Monday, be sure to snag your favorite for 15% off today at Swagger Gifts by mentioning this blog in the store before 6pm and you'll be on your way to better posture (since you won't have to carry around that 30-pound purse anymore) and a fun update for your fall wardrobe!